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Thor 4 Reveals First Look at Christian Bales Gorr Minions Photos

Fans were disappointed to see Cate Blanchetts Hela wielding what appeared to be the Necrosword the weapon of Christian Bales Gorr the God Butcher from the comics in Thor Ragnarok. It led fans to believe that Gorr wouldnt make any future appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe especially after his most iconic exchange with Thor was used with Hela instead. However the tiniest hope fans had was Helas minions being changed from Gorrs Black Berserkers in the comics into undead Asgardian warriors. Perhaps Marvel Studios had more plans that involved the vengeful alien and his spawns in the MCU.

Years later fans were elated thanks to the reveal of Gorr the God Butcher as the villain for Thor Love and Thunder. On top of that the newest teaser trailer for the Ragnarok sequel seemingly shows Gorrs enforcers from the comics attacking New Asgard. Gorrs Minions Attacking New Asgard In the last few seconds of the teaser trailer for Thor Love and Thunder not only does it reveal Natalie Portmans Mighty Thor but also what appear to be the minions of Gorr the God Butcher from the comics Black Berserkers. Mighty Thor Black Berserkers Marvel Studios Behind both Jane Fosters Mighty Thor and Chris Hemsworths Thor black reflective creatures with teeth and tentacles can be seen fighting residents of New Asgard.

Thor Black Berserkers Marvel Studios Upon closer inspection they even have white jagged teeth similar to Venom and unlike their completely black and gooey comic counterparts. Black Berserkers Thor Close Up
Marvel StudiosIn the comics these creatures are spawned from Gorrs weapon the Necrosword which was considered the first symbiote wielded by the god of darkness and creator of symbiotes Knull.

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