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These are the differences between Coffee with the scent of a woman original and remake

Café con aroma de mujer is one of the most successful productions of recent times. What few know is that it is actually a remake of a soap opera broadcast in 1994. Below we share everything you need to know about it and tell you what the main differences are between both versions.
Most likely, adults remember the original edition of Café con aroma de mujer perfectly, since it was one of the biggest successes of its time and had a large number of repetitions and adaptations abroad.

The arrival of the telenovela remake in 2021 not only offers a renewed and fresher version but also makes this famous story available to new generations Women’s scented coffee changes from 1994 to 2021 Since then and to this day, with the new adaptation already completed and being a success with audiences on Netflix, many people focus on those changes that are evident between one version and another. Some are as small as they are obvious, as is the case of the name of the Vallejo family’s coffee company in 1994, it was Café Export, while in the remake it is Café Elite. Something similar happens with the members of that family, especially with Iván and Sebastián who went from being cousins ​​in 1994 to brothers in 2021.

Woman-scented coffee yesterday and today characters and cast What also changed between one version and the other was the personality of various characters and part of their past. In the remake, for example, Sebastián Vallejo comes from a courtship with Lucía Sanclemente, while in the original version he had not known love before Gaviota. On the other hand, it must be said that some of the differences are rather subtle and respond to the changes of the times. This is especially evident in the role that women have in the new adaptation that can be seen on Netflix, it is much more active and has a greater voice than the one that was presented in 1994. It could be said that the female characters in the current edition are more empowered, which is much more consistent with the times we live in.

Finally, and as obvious as it may seem, it must be said that one of the differences between the two telenovelas is precisely in the cast. In other words, most of the characters are the same but the interpreters vary. Margarita Rosa by Francisco Guy Ecker Alejandra Borrero Silvia de Dios Constanza Duque and Danna García are some of the names that stood out in the telenovela created by Fernando Gaitán. In turn, in the recent edition, William Levy Carmen Villalobos Lincoln Palomeque Laura Londoño and Diego Cadavid stand out among other great artists. A curiosity to finish  Dora Cadavid worked on the first version and Diego, her grandson, did it on the second.

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