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“There’s a key somewhere in relaxing.” Sam Heughan at the Savoy

Sam Heughan arrives at The Savoys Gucci Suite at midday. Now theres an opening sentence. Lets backtrack. Heughans previous Square Mile cover is one of our most successful ever. We wanted to bring him back the difficulty was creating a shoot that could live up to the previous one. Enter the Royal Suite by Gucci one of the most remarkable hotel suites in the world and a fitting host for Sam and photographer Charlie Grays 2022 reunion. So – Sam arrives at midday. He had the Outlander season six premiere the previous night and it was a late one. Obviously it was the Outlander S6 premiere. Yet his handshake is firm and his bright blue eyes are not even slightly bloodshot – just blue. Very very blue.

While the crew prepares I offer to do a shop run what do people want? Carbs says Heughan with feeling. Carbs. And a Guinness.
I return with sandwiches and a fourpack of Guinness cans. Heughan decants his into a martini glass. Not many people can pull off Canned Guinness Martini Heughan makes the drink look damn aspirational. Kinda looks like an espresso martini he observes. Next shoot well mix an espresso martini and serve it in a Guinness glass. Or maybe tequila is a better shout – Heughan has brought a bottle of his Sassenach Reposado for everyone to share. Its a classy touch and a classy drink – smooth right? he says as I sample a glass.

Actually Im not quite doing the moment justice. Im flanked by these vast indoor plants that quite literally touch the ceiling. Sam is standing in front of a black marble fireplace with flowery panels on either side. Hes wearing a polkadot smoking jacket and a top hat. Hes smiling awaiting my verdict on his tequila. Its one of those Am I Awake? moments that sometimes occurs in this gig. But yes the tequila is damn smooth. It slips down with an ease that promises the best kind of trouble after nine oclock. And the photoshoot might be even smoother resembling the aftermath of the best party youve never attended. Rooftop shot anyone? Tom Ellis did a brilliant job exploring his friends career in the previous interview so this time we decided to do something a little different – explore Sam Heughan the human. Hes a pretty fantastic one.

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