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The Vampire Diaries: Stefan & Caroline’s Relationship Timeline, Season By Season

Whether or not viewers believe Stefan and Caroline are soulmates theres no denying that their love story is a refreshing change of pace in The Vampire Diaries. Enemies to lovers remains a common trope throughout the shows eight seasons making Stefan and Carolines slow burn romance stand out from other couples.Caroline expresses an interest in Stefan the moment theyre introduced but Stefan only has eyes for Elena when he arrives in Mystic Falls. Although their first meeting isnt quite as epic as it could be their lackluster start makes their ending even more impressive. By reliving Sterolines key moments fans can discover how the couple fell in love over the years.

Season 1
Stefan Falls In Love With Elena And Rejects Carolines Advances

Caroline and Stefan are totally different people when they first meet each other which is obvious from their early interactions. Caroline struggles to find her confidence and feels as if she lives in Elenas shadow. Stefan rejecting Caroline to pursue Elena only furthers the belief that she is inferior and everyones back up option.While its clear that Stefan does develop a fondness for Caroline their one on one interactions are few and far between. Stefan cant picture himself with anyone other than Elena and Caroline attempts to form a relationship with Matt.

Season 2
Stefan Helps Caroline Through Her Transition

Stefans declaration of protection to Caroline is one of many quotes in The Vampire Diaries that show theyre perfect for each other. He gives Caroline the reassurance she needs and relates to her in a way she never expects. Caroline spends the first season in the dark about the supernatural so waking up as a vampire is especially jarring.Stefan helps her through her transition and offers her his friendship when Bonnie turns her back. During this time it becomes clear that their Yin and Yang personalities contrast each other well. The Vampire Diaries Season 2 fortifies a solid foundation of trust between them which is vital to any healthy relationship.

Season 3
Stefan Leaves Town And Caroline Dates Tyler

Despite everything Stefan does after leaving town with Klaus Caroline never stops believing in him. Their friendship only strengthens as Caroline is one of the few people who can look past his mistakes and see Stefan for who he is at his core.The two dont spend a lot of time together as The Vampire Diaries focuses more heavily on Carolines budding romance with Tyler. Yet Caroline pushes Elena towards Stefan when shes torn between the Salvatores believing that Stefan is the superior brother.

Season 4
Caroline Helps Stefan Through His Break Up With Elena

Caroline struggles to comprehend how Elena has fallen out of love with Stefan in The Vampire Diaries Season 4. Her support for Stefan even raises a few eyebrows as Caroline takes their breakup rather personally. This is partly due to Carolines past with Damon and the cruel way he treated her.However Caroline is genuinely confused that someone wouldnt want to be with someone as incredible as Stefan. There are times when she seems to be projecting her own feelings onto Elena despite never acknowledging them for what they are. The two only continue to grow closer as Caroline is the only thing holding Stefan together after Elena breaks his heart.

Season 5
Stefan And Caroline Are Best Friends

Following Stefans memory loss and Carolines breakup with Tyler the two become inseparable. Although no one can replace Lexi Stefan notices a certain resemblance between Caroline and his deceased best friend. When Stefan and Lexi reunite on the Other Side Lexi even questions Stefan about the nature of their relationship.Carolines romantic feelings for Stefan arent voiced but it doesnt require too much squinting to see them start to appear. Yet Stefan still shows no indication that what he and Caroline have goes beyond friendship.

Season 6
Stefan And Caroline Kiss But Its Complicated

The way Caroline feels about Stefan becomes so obvious that everyone except Stefan can see it. Its difficult to watch Caroline pine over someone whos treating her so poorly but Stefan eventually comes around to realizing his mistake. Immediately after they share their first kiss Sheriff Forbes dies and Caroline turns off her humanity.Rather than talking about whats transpired between them Caroline forces Stefan to turn off his emotions as well and the two hook up. Its not the best way to start a new romance but Stefan promises to wait until Carolines ready to be with him.

Season 7
Stefan And Caroline Are On And Off

The nature of The Vampire Diaries Season 7 adds an extra level of complexity to Stefan and Carolines romance. After seasons of will they/wont they the two officially start a relationship. However the show simultaneously tells the story of their new romance while flash forwarding to a future in which Stefan and Caroline arent on speaking terms. It was a Steroline shippers dream manifesting as their worst nightmare.While Stefan and Caroline are one of the most relatable couples in The Vampire Diaries supernatural forces often cause problems that are beyond their control. Caroline carrying Alaric and Jos twins creates complications between them as Caroline comes to see the girls as her own. On top of the complex family dynamic Stefan goes on the run with Valerie to escape Rayna Cruz. In this case distance does not make the heart grow fonder. Caroline resents Stefan for leaving despite his pure intentions and gets engaged to Alaric. The two find their way back to each other by the end of the season but viewers are forced to endure a wild ride.

Season 8
Stefan And Caroline Get Married

The final season of The Vampire Diaries manages to be the most epic and heartbreaking period for Sterolines romance. Stefan proposes to Caroline twice and the two finally marry in Season 8 Episode 15 Were Planning a June Wedding. This callback to the pilot is especially sentimental given the evolution of their relationship.Things may have been drastically different but Caroline predicted their wedding the day they met. However The Vampire Diaries was never going to end without sacrifice and Stefan gives his life to save Mystic Falls. Caroline becomes a wife and widow on the same day but their promise to love each other forever withstands the test of time.

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