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The Vampire Diaries Human Characters, Ranked Least To Most Evil

Mystic Falls may have been a hotspot of supernatural creatures and various types of magic but it was also the home of many humans who knew about vampires werewolves and witches. The Vampire Diaries was full of some big bad villains who came from the realm of the occult but some of these humans also did awful evil things in the course of their lifetimes.All the mortals in the show had varying degrees of morality some discovered vampires and their chaotic world against their will but chose to be as normal as they could be while some got carried away and immersed themselves in the darkest parts.

10 Sarah Salvatore

Of the saddest deaths in The Vampire Diaries Sarah Salvatores was the most sudden and unnecessary. Stefan had managed to build her a life in the ordinary world where she was a normal college student who thrived in creative arts. She had a good heart and wouldnt ever hurt anybody.Unfortunately she got caught in the crossfire between Sybil and the Salvatores which led to her unfortunate end. Her kindness and open hearted nature were taken advantage of by Enzo first and then the others.

9 April Young

There were many side characters in The Vampire Diaries and April Young was a mysterious and tragic one. She arrived in town because of the death of her father and fell victim to Connors dirty tactics to lure out any vampires.While she was in the dark about vampires she stayed innocent enough but when she learned about it she gravitated towards Rebekah. In the name of friendship she helped her hold Elena and the gang hostage which was quite terrible although she did try to make up for it later which redeemed her.

8 Meredith Fell

Meredith Fell wasnt just one of Alarics many romances. The founding family member was always a bit sinister from the start and looked a lot worse than she was. She enjoyed being a doctor but her ways were a tad unethical which made her less than good.While she did her best to save her patients she did so by administering them with vampire blood which was shady and not okay at all. Her motives were pure which is why she still has a good reputation. However she was responsible for almost turning Bill Forbes against his unacceptable will.

7 Elizabeth Forbes

Carolines mother was a good sheriff to the town of Mystic Falls and a good friend to many but her switched loyalties brought her morals into question. Being on the Founders Council meant that she was supposed to protect humans which she did but in a twisted way.Covering up deaths caused by vampires siding with them to fight supernatural fights and being best friends with a murderous Damon made her a bit of a bad guy but she never outright harmed anybody and the town was always her priority.

6 Carol Lockwood

Complex and a little annoying Carol Lockwood fell somewhere in between the spectrum of good and bad on the show. As a person she was pretty offensive and judgmental at the start calling Caroline names and being mean to anybody who was not of her standard.She was also bent upon eradicating vampires and other supernatural beings up until her son got lycanthropy. Then her entire demeanor changed and she became a lot more compliant but only because her own family was affected.

5 Matt Donovan

The human best friend who survived despite all odds Matt Donavan had done his fair share of awful things during his time on the show. He liked to believe he was doing the right thing by hating and killing vampires but he did so mindlessly hurting many people.He killed his wife by mistake and without verifying what Stefans role in it was he set Rayna Cruz free to go hunt him down. His vendetta was mindless and that led him down a dark path where he committed several crimes.

4 Bill Forbes

Vampire hunter and father of Caroline Forbes Bill was an extremist who killed without reign. He was mindlessly out to kill the supernatural even if that was his daughter. His treatment of Caroline after finding out that she was a vampire was abhorrent and meant that he was way past the point of redemption.Caroline was a big person for forgiving him and supporting him through his last days. Eventually karma did come back to punish him as he died in transformation.

3 John Gilbert

For some reason the patriarchs of the best friends in Mystic High hated the very beings their daughters loved. John Gilbert was not only a mindless killer but he also orchestrated the worst clean up of the town by using the Gilbert Device one of the most powerful magical objects.He masses murdered vampires and a werewolf and even tortured Elena by siding with Isobel and Katherine when they were a danger to her. John Gilbert was unpleasant and evil.

2 Wes Maxfield

The acts committed by Wes Maxfield were heinous and could not be justified at all. Keeping vampires in captivity and slowly cutting them apart was just horrific and he managed to justify it in his twisted way.His entire cult of Augustine was as gruesome and they inflicted horrible torture on vampires that just minded their business for decades. Wes was a twisted man and his science experiments with vampires and werewolf venom were the worst.

1 Atticus Shane

The evilest human being in The Vampire Diaries was the weird professor who got Bonnie involved in his search for Silas and dark magic. He had a pleasant demeanor and good nature but that hid some horrible homicidal and obsessive tendencies within him.He went ahead and orchestrated the mass murder of innocent people not once but several times and he had no qualms doing so. His motivation to meet his wife and kid was not enough to redeem him and his arc on the show was perhaps one of the most wicked ones.

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