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The Vampire Diaries : 10 Guest Actors Who Became Hollywood Stars

While Rick Cosnett is in the middle of filming comedy hit TV In Bed with Chelsea Klikunas his fans have been buzzing with the recent announcement of his return to The Flashs eighth season. Cosnetts portrayal of Eddie Thawne may have earned him widespread acclaim it was back in 2013 that he became known to audiences as The Vampire Diaries Dr. Wes Maxfield.But he has not been the only one pushed forward by his vampiric success. TVD has welcomed its share of would be stars on its set who transformed their guest appearances into unforgettable performances and went on to the big screen.

Courtney Ford

After considering abandoning her acting career Ford took her as Vanessa Monroe a research assistant at Duke University in season 2 of TDV. Despite the small amount of screen time she was given she managed to quickly build up her character from a seemingly innocuous helper to one of the driving forces of the episode.She performed alongside famous Hollywood alum Orlando Bloom in Lance Dalys movie The Good Doctor. Her time in TVD served her well since Ford had to adapt to a more realistic style in a thrilling story without the supernatural undertones but with a similarly dramatic and complex character building. In 2018 she was cast as Lynn Armandt in The Front Runner. Jason Reitmans political drama about 1988 U.S. Democratic presidential nominee Gary Harts rise and fall. It marked a clear growth role wise for Ford as suggested by the ensemble cast starring Hugh Jackson.

Adina Porter

Even before portraying the witch Nandi LaMarche in TVD Adina Porter was in several movies and TV shows. Like Courtney Ford she was a brilliant one episode addition to TVD helping to move the plot forward. Damon eventually breaks up with Elena in an attempt to end their sire bond while providing valuable information about a type of dark magic Expression.The nuances and mystical vibes she provided to Nandi would prove crucial and Porter was certainly drawing from her experience portraying witches in American Horror Story which earned her nominations for an Emmy and two Saturn Awards. Director R. J. Daniel Hanna was clearly convinced by Nandis headstrong personality of Porters ability to take on stronger roles. For his 2019 movie Miss Virginia she was cast as Annette Johnson a cunning office manager working for Congresswoman Lorraine Townsend.

Chris William Martin

The Canadian actor gave life to Zach Salvatore Stefan and Damons distant nephew. Martin appeared in just five episodes but truly carved his mark into the story. Not only did Zach have one of the most heart breaking backstories in the show but Martin relied on it to create a compelling and daring character.In 2021 after a minor role in The Age of Adaline 2015 he returned to the big screen playing Martin in the supernatural horror movie Demonic. His character is the protagonist Carlys childhood friend. As they are caught up in a conspiracy revolving around the Vatican and its control of demonic possessions and exorcisms it is hard not to notice the resemblance to Zach. His time on TVD clearly paid off having familiarized the actor with getting cornered and tortured by supernatural beings.

Lauren Cohan

Between seasons 2 and 3 Lauren Cohan gave life to a 500 year old vampire in TVD. Adored by the shows fans Rose spent centuries running from Klaus Mikaelson only to end up killed by a werewolfs bite in true TVD style.Cohan would star as Greta Evans in the 2016 horror production The Boy directed by William Brent Bell. Greta was also on the run accepting a job as a nanny for a porcelain doll called Brahms and her courage and determination can be traced back to Rose. Those are traits that both characters share with the actress behind them who has taken upon herself to diversify her portfolio through other roles and across genres playing the iconic Martha Wayne in the 2016 Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice as well as Tupac Shakurs manager Leila Steinberg in the 2017 biographic All Eyez on Me.

Charlie Bewley

Bewley played Galen Vaughn a member of the Brotherhood of the Five in the fourth season of TVD. The actor portrayed Vaughn as a resourceful and tenacious vampire hunter traits which later got him noticed by other productions.From the vampire world Bewley then moved on to other genres. Hammer of the Gods was released in 2013 conveying the action packed story of Viking prince Steinar in his quest to save his brother. The TVDs alumnus played the titular character another bravery and diligent character for his roster. His tendency to gravitate towards strong obstinate fictional characters would be settled the following year by his participation as Leon in the horror comedy Bachelor Games which would go on to win Best Feature at the Halloweenapalooza Film Festival.

Torrey DeVitto

DeVittos Dr. Meredith Fell was one of Alaric Saltzmans romantic interests. DeVitto portrayed her as reserved smart and curious especially when confronted with Alarics supernatural healing.In 2016 she was cast in the comedy crime Stevie D as Daria Laurentis. For this role she was praised for the sweetness and self confidence with which she depicts the newly arrived lawyer. It is anticipated that Sarah the character she is set to play in the 2022 Rip In Time will follow along similar lines personality wise a farmer who meets a man proclaiming to be from the 18th century played by Niall Matter. The movie is set to debut by the end of May.

Dawn Olivieri

As the news anchor Andie Star Dawn Olivieri was riveting a caring and supportive friend of Jennas who following in the steps of many other characters tragically met her end.After moving back and forth between Damons frequent compulsions and manipulations and Stars personality Olivieris flexibility and dynamic are of no surprise. She had quite a productive 2013 participating in movies so distinct as Missionary Plush and American Hustle. More recently she finished shooting Double Threat where she will be pushing her acting to the next level. She plays lead Ask a woman with dissociative identity disorder who is on the run from the mob.

Gabrielle Walsh

Walshs Monique was a seemingly innocent character introduced as Sarah the daughter of Zach Salvatore. Four episodes later however this is revealed to be a fake alias.Still within the supernatural genre Gabrielle Walsh portrayed Marisol Vargas in the 2014 Paranormal Activity The Marked Ones a horror movie directed by Christopher Landon. She has focused mainly on productions with mystical and horror motifs possibly inspired by her TVD stint. Most recently Walsh has been reaching out to other styles such as comedy. David Castañeda and Manuel Vegas Roofers is currently in post production and it will follow a group of eccentric friends where she will play Melissa.

Mckenna Grace

The younger version of Caroline Forbes appeared in flashbacks incorporated in two episodes. Despite being only nine years old her talent was obvious. Today at the age of 15 her filmography is growing each year.Since her visit to Mystic Falls Grace portrayed several younger versions of other characters both fictional and inspired by real people. She was Tonya Harding in the Academy nominated 2017 movie I Tonya and 13 year old Carol Danvers in the 2019 MCU Captain Marvel. In 2021 she joined the Ghostbusters cast as Dr. Spenglers granddaughter for which she has so far received four award nominations. In 2022 she is expected to join three other productions as an actress and as a writer and co producer.

Arielle Kebbel

Lexi Bransons generous but fun loving nature made her a fan favorite from the start. Additionally Kebbel also charmed audiences with the weekly The Vampire Diaries Rehash.After her guest appearance during the last episode of the show in 2017 the actress took up the role of Gia Matteo in the third cinematic installment of the Fifty Shades saga. Gia was an architect employed by the Greys whose flamboyant flirty energy is paramount to Lexis. These charismatic attributes are also on display in Another Time where she plays Ally the main characters love interest. She can also be found in 2021 After We Fell playing Kimberly a role that follows the kind and vivacious character she first developed with Lexi.

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