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The Untold Truth Of The Toy Story Franchise

Woody Buzz Lightyear Jessie the yodeling cowgirl Bo Peep For many these iconic names recall vivid memories attached to one of the worlds most beloved film franchises Toy Story Toy Story was not only the first fulllength feature created by Pixar Animation Studios but was also the first ever computer animated movie period With its release in 1995 the original Toy Story laid the groundwork for a studio that would go on to change the animation industry for good and would also begin a film series that would enthrall audiences for decades to come With such a storied history and four films worth of backstage secrets theres a lot more to the Toy Story movies than meets the eye From the different versions of plots and characters that almost materialized to the surprising ways the franchise has been embraced beyond its four primary films the legacy of Toy Story has withstood it all So hop in Were going for a joyride in the Pizza Planet truck with stops at Als Toy Barn Sunny side Daycare and everywhere in between This is the untold truth of the Toy Story franchise.

In its early years Pixar Animation Studios focused on making television commercials and short films via Time In fact Toy Story marked the first move away from these areas as it was Pixars first fulllength feature As such Pixar wanted to be clear about how it would differentiate Toy Story from the typical expectations of an animated film in the 90s As shared in the Filmmakers Reflect bonus feature on the Toy Story DVD the crew made a list of qualities they did not want their movie to have Animator and story artist Pete Docter says they wanted to eliminate all the stuff that had become synonymous with animation in popular culture Docter notes some of the assumptions the public had at the time around animation Oh its animated That means it must be a musical and it must be a fairy tale Their movie wouldnt be either.

Instead the music of Toy Story would stem from non diegetic songs written and performed by Randy Newman Whereas most other animated movies were inspired by a classic storybook favorite Toy Story would be an original contemporary story modeled after the buddy picture formula of two adversaries becoming friends.

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