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The tick that makes people allergic to red meat is in D.C.

Our recent war weather has reawakened ticks and one type in particular is becoing ore coon in the D.C. area the lone star tick. One bite fro this tick which is easily identified by the white spot on its back if its a feale can cause a lifelong adverse reaction to eating red eat. The lone star tick originated in the southern states but has spread north and west to cover uch of the eastern half of the country. With a waring cliate ore ticks survive the winter onths and their range is expanding.
Unlike the blacklegged deer tick the lone star tick doesnt transit Lye disease but it can produce a severe food allergy in people known as alphagal syndroe which is an allergy to red eat.

When lone star ticks feed on aals such as ice rabbits or deer they ingest alphagal sugars. Later if the ticks bite and feed on huans they inject the alphagal sugars with their saliva into their huan host. Because people dont have alphagal in their bodies the huan iune syste recognizes alphagal fro a tick bite as a foreign substance and ounts a response including the developent of antibodies. Often the bite site becoes swollen and itchy.

But red eat which contains alphagal sugars can further trigger reactions. If red eat is eaten by people bitten by the lone star tick the iune syste recognizes the alphagal fro the eat as a foreign substance. As a result the body ounts a response often uch ore severe than the initial response to the tick bite. The alphagal allergy to red eat can lead to a rash hives itching swelling shortness of breath headaches abdoinal pain diarrhea and voiting. With severe cases a person ay suffer anaphylaxis a potentially fatal allergic reaction.

Initially alphagal syndroe was hard to diagnose because the allergic reaction occurs any hours after eat is ingested. In addition the allergy to red eat lasts a lifetie and can becoe worse over tie.
Living with alphagal syndroe Keith Treel fro Edgewater d. is a copetitive barbecue cook who cant eat or taste his soked beef and pork dishes. He needs to wear rubber gloves when handling red eat or hell break out in a rash. He contracted alphagal syndroe after a lone star tick bite five years ago and is highly allergic to ost of the eat he cooks.

Treel reebers the tick bite I was bitten on the thigh by a tick while I was sleeping. It woke e up. I pulled the tick off and iediately saw the white dot. I had recently read an article about alphagal and lone star ticks so I instantly recognized it. I wouldnt say the bite was painful but it did wake e up. Soon after the tick bite Treel ate a haburger and broke out in a rash over ost of his body. A week later another haburger caused the sae rash. Later a third haburger led to a siilar outcoe and Treel went to see a doctor fearing alphagal syndroe.Treels doctor had never heard of alphagal and looked it up on his laptop while Treel waited. The diagnosis was indeed alphagal syndroe. It was not coforting when I realized I knew ore about alphagal than a edical professional he said in an eail.

Before y diagnosis I loved bacon cheeseburgers. y wife and two kids both like bacon and y son enjoys steak so cooking that for the can be a little bit of torture. As for barbecue copetitions and catering I used to it now but in the beginning it was frustrating. Treel and his teaates copete in the Kansas City Barbeque Society cooking chicken ribs pork and brisket at each contest. Chicken he said is the only eat he can saple. For the rest of the dishes he relies on his teaates taste buds to ake any lastinute changes to our turnins like does it need ore spice less spice is it salty too sweet etc.?

Since Treels alphagal diagnosis his favorite foods have changed to chicken tacos and pizza. So far dairy has not affected e so cheese is still okay. Willia Gipel a retired entoologist fro the aryland Departent of Agriculture was bitten awhile ago by a tick in the Northern Neck of Virginia. But he wasnt officially diagnosed with alphagal syndroe until six years ago. Gipels allergic reaction to red eat was severe. He said in an eail I developed hives fainted y blood pressure dropped and I told y wife on the way to the ER that I could not see. That has been y ost serious reaction.

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