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The Taken King Could Return In Destiny 2

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen featured a lot of twists and surprises in the lore and universe of the series but one of the biggest was a tease that the Taken King may return. This could either mean the return of Oryx Savathuns brother who was featured as the main boss in Destinys Kings Fall raid one of the series most popular activities. Evidence for this possible return comes from the Altar of Reflection where Savathun plays her usual Two Truths Two Lies game with the Guardian.Savathun the Hive Goddess of Cunning and Lies was the main villain of Destiny 2 The Witch Queen. Her involvement in the story meant quite a few callbacks to older expansions and lore related to the Hive species. There were also many new reveals that shocked fans such as the Hive being a product of the Witnesss deception and Savathuns contribution to humanitys survival during the Collapse. Savathuns Altar of Reflection had been used during the first few weeks of The Witch Queens release to tease the future of Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Lightfall appears as if itll be another huge event for the shooter with more and more teases being made each season as to what may happen. A main source of these teases comes from Savathuns Altar of Reflection which has had many fans theorize over what may develop in the coming seasons. From information about the impending doom coming to Earth to the return of some major villains like Oryx Savathuns game Two Truths Two Lies has got some scratching their heads over whats to come in the universe of Destiny 2.

The Witch Queens Teases The Taken Kings Return In Destiny 2

The Altar of Reflection in Destiny 2 contains recordings of Savathuns voice in the occurrence that the Guardian would kill her. These pre recorded messages are primarily of Savathuns game Two Truths Two Lies which is her own take on the original Two Truths and a Lie. In these recordings Destiny 2s Savathun states four statements two of which are true. It is up to the audience to try to figure out which ones are true and which ones are false. During one of these Altar of Reflection quests one of The Witch Queens statements is The Taken King will rise again.While Savathun does not explicitly state her brothers name Oryx it can be inferred that her statements could be hinting at a return of the Kings Fall raid. Another possibility is that Savathun could be referring to the true Taken King who is the original being that gave Oryx the ability to Take. This original Taken King would likely be Destiny 2s Witness first seen in Witch Queen. This statement by Savathun could possibly just be her teasing the rise of the Witness the Guardians main adversary.

Savathuns Altar of Reflection has revealed and teased quite a bit of lore and hints towards the future of Destiny 2. From warnings of imminent danger to prophecies of the Travelers fall every statement Savathun has made in her little game has been a bombshell. While the return of Oryx and the Kings Fall raid may be a possibility in the future it would also make sense for Savathuns statement to be about the Witness. Only time will tell as to what Savathun meant by her statement but either way the future of Destiny 2 certainly looks intriguing.

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