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The South Band band emerged on national TV talent shows such as Americas Got Talent in Spanish.

Gabriel Sanz Isaac Royals and Moises Royals, members of the group Los de San Raphael on the left, pose on April 21 on West Side Street in South Bend, where the Royals brothers live. “I hung up the phone because I thought it was a hoax,” said Isaac Royals, a Southband – call from a TV studio in Burbank, California, when his big break came. How could it be that the trio of Mexican musicians who started on the South Bands Westside with 15- and 18-year-old boys could actually make it on EstrellaTV, a Spanish-language network in the United States? Reaches 60 million households? Was his playing the guitar that he started learning just two years ago really good enough for the network version of America’s Got Talent?

The phone rang again.

Brothers Isaac and Moises Royals and their uncle Gabriel Sanz were about to leave their homes and their usual parties in the small Mexican neighborhood of the city and splash their first tango on Tango Talento Mocho Talento – which translates to Ive Got Talent Lots. of Talent – now in its 13th year with five influential celebrities as judges. They will win the first on-air round of the competition, which airs on April 4. And 810 p.m. On April 27, viewers will see if they are out of the quarterfinals. In a way, they reflect the rise of three South Band-based siblings in recent years, whose band Girl Named Tom progressed and won the NBC contest The Voice. Only in Spanish.

Voice Girl Named Tom Shipshewana Returns To Sold Concerts After Winning Voice Winners We liked him for a number of reasons, said Thomas Rubio, the show’s general producer, over the phone from Burbank Studios. The show’s crew loved the band’s story of how they turned their backs on their early rock dreams and embraced Mexican music. They liked that they were all family and young. But Rubio added in a sincere voice – the echo of whoever saw them – most importantly, they had talent. Fast learners The band calls itself Las de San Rafael as a tribute to their grandfather, who attracted them to Mexican regional music since he was raised in San Rafael, Jalisco, Mexico.

Isaac had been raping since he was 8 years old. But for Christmas 2019, Isacs and Moises’ mother bought a classical guitar for everyone. Isaac began learning to play the Beatles’ Jimmy Hendricks and Punk Floyd songs in early 2020. A few months later, his younger brother Moses began learning the guitar after taking Isaac to rock at the age of 15. Then his grandfather introduced him to the heart of Ariel Kamacho, a crooner and guitar picker who died in a car accident in 2015 at the age of 22 and his famous three-member band.

It impressed Isaac. I like to put my emotions into it,” Isaac said. Is Latin art better represented? In Michigan City, De Paul and Lobznik make up for the shortfall. They were looking for a form of Mexican regional music called the Serena that matches the guitar with storytelling songs. Serena music has exploded in popularity among teenagers in recent years, thanks to artists such as Kemacho. They were learning fast. Isaac heard and consulted his Spanish class teacher Gabriel Hernandez about his musical background at Washington High School. They soon teamed up for informal tours where Hernandez helped improve his ski guitar composition and voice skills. And Hernandez quickly realized something about Isaac.

“I thought he was going to be an internationally renowned artist,” Hernandez said of the experience. Hed saw a similar quality in the rising stars of Mexican music. From 2005 to 2010 he was teaching at a music school in Mexico where he said that his job was to find new talent. Hernandez, a pianist and composer himself, was teaching a piano class for guitar players who liked Grammy winner Natalia Laforkad, who would start singing a version of the Recuérdame Remember Me song in the DisneyPixars animated film Coco.
From left, the band based on the southern band Las de San Raphael, Moises Ruelas, Isac Ruelas and Gabriel Saenz have reached the quarter finals of the Tengo Talento Mucho Talento TV competition.

In Isaac he said I do not know what it is but he has something special. The important thing is that he has a dream. He has a lot of talent. He really wants to do that. He looks for places to play. Isaac wrote six of his own songs, one of which he said received about 9,000 views. The Ruelas brothers hired their uncle, Gabrielle Sanes, for 18 years to help them learn the bass and form a band. And as soon as the epidemic restrictions subsided, they quickly picked up the jigsaw. Ishaq, who lives at home with his brother, said the band was making enough money to become his full-time job. He recently visited a local restaurant and event

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