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The Simpsons Just Copied One of South Park’s Best Season 25 Jokes

While South Park famously said The Simpsons already did it The Simpsons season 33 reversed this aphorism by borrowing one of South Park season 25s best jokes. The Simpsons is a long running television institution and as such the show isnt shy about its creative influences. After all the series has served as a huge influence on modern comedy shows and movies so it is no surprise that by season 33 The Simpsons can remake an obscure indie horror or one of The Simpsons own classic plots and get away with it.However The Simpsons is not usually as quick to borrow from its competitors particularly those that took some satirical swings at Springfields first family in the past. That said despite South Park famously claiming that The Simpsons already told every joke and story imaginable The Simpsons season 33 ended up borrowing a joke directly from South Park season 25. The copy happened in Pretty Whittle Liar season 33 episode 16 during the opening scene of The Simpsons outing.

In the episode Homer watches a reality television show about the realty business titled Million Dollar Li$tings. The potential house buyers on the in universe show look and act identical to the titular City People of South Parks City People season 25 episode 3. South Parks season 25 gag spoofed gentrification by depicting City People as mindless drones invading the titular town in their hordes. In both episodes though the home buyers are depicted as zombie like yuppies who wander around spouting fashionable buzzwords like open concept and cortado without displaying any apparent autonomy sentience or independent thought.Since The Simpsons has a far longer production time than the infamously quick South Park its hard to call this a case of plagiarism. Odds are The Simpsons writers had scripted that joke long before South Park told a similar gag although the South Park episode did air first. That said as The Simpsons misguided cancel culture parody proved the long running show does sometimes add last minute jokes to the script late in the production process as proven by that outings gauche Russian generals gag.

However to give The Simpsons its due the episodes do have two slightly different takes on the same joke. In South Park the City People are depicted as trend followers who obsess over everything from WiFi to bottled water provided these things are proof of an areas up and coming status. In The Simpsons joke the home buyers only drone on about specific features of the property meaning the gag might be meant as more of a dig at the mindless stars of reality shows and less of a condemnation of the lifestyles of buyers responsible for gentrification. In any case like South Park Family Guy and Bobs Burgers prove The Simpsons has had a massive impact on the landscape of television comedy and essentially defined the adult animation genres parameters in its early Golden Age. As such its probably safe for The Simpsons and South Park to share this throwaway joke.

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