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The Original Alien 2 Before James Camerons Aliens

James Camerons Aliens is considered one of the best sequels ever but an unofficial sequel arrived earlier in the form of 1980s Alien 2 On Earth. alien 2 on earth poster 1980 James Camerons Aliens might be the official second entry of the series but the Italian ripoff Alien 2 On Earth beat it to cinemas. In the aftermath of Aliens success in 1979. talk quickly arose of a potential sequel or TV series but the franchise lay dormant for years due to a legal dispute between the producers and 20th Century Fox. When it finally moved ahead Ridley Scott wasnt even approached about returning with producers David Giler and Walter Hill instead hiring James Cameron to write and direct. History has proven what a smart choice this was as Aliens is considered a classic in its own right and a perfect example of how to follow a hit movie without repeating the same story.

Later entries in the Alien movie franchise series have largely drawn mixed responses. Alien 3 has been disowned by director David Fincher due to his miserable experience making it though the film has its staunch defenders including Christopher Nolan. Scott eventually returned to the directors seat for prequel duology Prometheus and Alien Covenant and while this ambitious saga has its merits the movies were also criticized for their unlikeable heroes and screenplays littered with plotholes and poor character decisions. Both Alien Vs Predator movies paired the titular scifi monsters together but while they made money they were also largely considered terrible.

The franchise is gearing up for some new chapters which include Fede Álvarezs Hulu Alien movie and the Noah Hawley TV series. One film that will definitely never be packaged with the rest of the Alien movies is 1980s Alien 2 On Earth. This American Italian co production follows a group of friends who go caving and encounter a vicious alien creature that was brought back to Earth by a space mission. This alien gestates inside of both humans bursting out of their heads and rocks and sets about picking off the team one by one. Alien 2 On Earth is a perfect example of the Italian unofficial sequel also seen with 1989s Terminator 2 AKA Shocking Dark to a major blockbuster and needless to say its utterly inferior to Scotts movie. It was also beat James Camerons Aliens which cut an android villain from the script to screens by at least six years.

Alien 2 On Earth isnt very good but fans of this period of Italian horror or gory bmovies should have a good time with it. Its blatant attempt to cash in on Alien didnt go unchallenged by Fox either and the studio attempted to sue the makers of the movie. However when it was discovered there was a 1930s novel also called Alien this lawsuit was dismissed. Alien 2 On Earth might lack the production value or inventive visuals of Alien but the cave the characters find themselves trapped in is genuinely eerie in its own right. Plus once the creatures who dont bear much of a resemblance to H.R. Gigers Xenomorphs start attacking it gets extremely bloody.

Given that its a low budget Italian ripoff it also adds some bizarre subplots such as the main character Thelma being telepathic. She even causes a member of the groups who has been taken over by the alien head to explode Scanners style. Alien 2 On Earth also closes on a bleak note where even though Thelma escapes the cave the world outside isnt much safer. Obviously James Camerons Aliens is the superior movie but Alien 2 On Earth isnt without charms of its own.

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