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The Office Season 6 Deleted Scene Nearly Ruined Pam’s Ending

The Office nearly made a grave mistake with a deleted scene from season 6 which would have ruined Pams heartwarming ending had it been left in. While The Office season 9 isnt as highly regarded as its earlier installments the sitcom still managed to have a powerful conclusion in its series finale. Every character had a fitting sendoff that reflected the primary conflicts of their journeys throughout the shows nine seasons with Pams The Office conclusion being particularly memorable.At the end of The Offices series finale Pam says the shows last lines as she reflects upon the years that were spent in Dunder Mifflin. Now regarded as one of the greatest closing lines in a sitcom Pam muses that theres a lot of beauty in ordinary things as The Offices final shot flashes back to Michael hanging up her painting of Dunder Mifflins building. Just moments before Pam poignantly walked out of Dunder Mifflin for the final time carrying an important relic – the watercolor painting that Steve Carells Michael Scott had bought from her years before.

Pams ending in regards to the watercolor painting is one of the most emotionally rewarding moments in all of The Office but a deleted scene from season 6 would have made this conclusion impossible. In The Offices season 6 episode Mafia Pam and Jim were away on their honeymoon so the writers ideated a plan to cause strife for the characters from afar. One scene would have featured Kelly and Erin ruining Pams watercolor painting while trying to clean it meaning it would have been removed as Dunder Mifflins most prized decoration. Although the painting had already hung on Dunder Mifflins wall for three years this deleted scene would have made it irrelevant to the remainder of the series thus making The Offices final scene with Pam impossible.

According to the Office Ladies podcast Jenna Fischer Pam fought hard for the painting to remain and the scene to be deleted with Paul Lieberstein and Greg Daniels both initially shooting down her request. After appealing to the editing department and writers Fischer finally got her wish and the scene was removed from The Offices season 6 episode. Fischer revealed that she only truly fought for two things in The Office no infidelity in Jim and Pams relationship and for the watercolor painting to stay. She emphasized that the Dunder Mifflin painting was a symbol of Pams relationship with Michael Scott and the heartbeat of the show as he was the only character from The Office to come to her art show with complete support and even buy her work. Pam hadnt received much genuine encouragement in her artistic pursuits at this point so Michael buying her painting legitimized her dreams and demonstrated that he believed in her wholeheartedly when nobody else would.

As a summary of the entire series Fischers argument stated that the painting represented hope in The Office with her sentiment later being fulfilled in the series final scene and line. Considering the deleted scene with Kelly and Erin doesnt even serve as one of the shows better gags The Office made the right decision to cut it. However while Fischers persuasion worked to ultimately save the painting several subsequent episodes in The Office season 6 still had it missing from the wall. Thankfully the painting would subtly return and allow The Office to include Pams touching scene at the shows ending.As Fischer emphasized Pams watercolor painting was representative of every heartwarming moment in The Office amid a series filled with chaos pranks and hilariously wrong interactions with the characters. Pam bringing the painting home with her at the end of The Office was a sentimental moment that elicited every good memory of the laughs and love in the series with Pam being just as nostalgic for these days as audiences would be after the finale. Had Fischer not been so adamant about deleting The Offices season 6 scene the finales most important moment would have been ruined in favor of a far more inconsequential gag.

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