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The Offer Al Pacino was dubbed little dwarf by The Godfather makers who hated him

There was a movement not to have me in the part. I didnt want me in the part Pacino who played the role of Michael Corleone in The Godfather had said in an interview The Offer Al Pacino was dubbed little dwarf by The Godfather makers who hated him Al Pacino in The Godfather Paramount Pictures Al Pacino wasnt the first choice for Paramount Pictures to play Michael Corleone. When it came to casting Michael Corleone in The Godfather there was a dispute between Paramount Pictures and Francis Ford Coppola. The Offer which premieres exclusively on Paramount Plus in April explores the behind-the-scenes story of how The Godfather was made.

The 1972 film The Godfather is widely regarded as one of the greatest American films of all time but The Offer will focus on the narrative behind its creation. The casting of those iconic characters will be one of the many topics addressed in the limited series. The actors who ended up playing those roles were not the creators original choice but they turned out to be fantastic. The Staircase 5 things you need to know about the HBO miniseries We Own This City Fans praise masterful storytelling but wonder about HBOs obsession with Baltimore

When it was first released The Godfather took the globe by storm. It went on to win Best Picture as well as Best Actor for Marlon Brando as Don Vito Corleone at the Academy Awards. Its easy to see how all of those elements came together to make a fantastic film in retrospect but as The Offer will reveal that wasnt the case when they were putting it all together. There was a quarrel between Paramount Pictures and Francis Ford Coppola when it came to casting Michael Corleone in the film. Ryan ONeal Warren Beatty and Robert Redford were the studios top choices. Coppola was looking for an undiscovered Italian-American actor.

Al Pacino had starred in only one film The Panic In Needle Park at the time in which he played a heroin addict. Pacino was called in for several tryouts by Coppola but the then 31-year-old actor kept forgetting his lines. Pacino was allegedly dubbed that little dwarf by producer Robert Evans who warned Coppola that a runt will not play the central character. Martin Sheen David Carradine Jack Nicholson Dustin Hoffman and Robert DeNiro were among the actors Coppola auditioned for Michael. James Caan was urged by the studios to play Michael but he wasnt Sicilian enough for Coppola. In an interview Pacino admitted that there was a movement not to have me in the part. I didnt want me in the part.

Coppola threatened to leave the project if Pacino was not chosen Evans eventually consented as long as Caan was selected as Sonny. Coppola had second thoughts about the film a few weeks into production. Pacinos portrayal of the character was too timid and soft he worried. Coppola warned Pacino Youre not cutting it for me kid. Pacino was following his Actors Studio instruction by giving himself time to figure out who Michael was as a character. Marlon Brando was aware of Pacinos method acting style. He stepped in for Pacino and encouraged Coppola to keep him.

The restaurant scene in which Michael steals a gun from the restroom and shoots Sollozzo and the crooked cop McCluskey saved Pacinos job. The scenario is a masterclass in acting. There are no subtitles for Sollozzo and Michaels conversation in Italian. Because the viewer has no idea what the performers are saying they are forced to concentrate solely on Pacinos eyes drooping shoulders and subtle head movements to hide his inner struggle. Michaels transformation from an innocent young man to a violent mafia lord occurs at this point. Its also the point at which Al Pacino goes from obscure to movie star.
What can fans look forward to in The Offer

Over the years many stories concerning the creation of The Godfather have been told. The Offer on the other hand is based on producer Albert S Ruddys unique experiences while working on The Godfather. The Godfathers background is so extensive that you could develop a movie that covers all three films in the family tale. The Offer on the other hand is concentrating on the original film. On Thursday April 28 the first three episodes of The Offer will be accessible to stream on Paramount Plus the limited series will include a total of ten episodes. Following the three-episode debut on April 28 new episodes of The Offer will air every Thursday for the next seven weeks.

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