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The New Hulu Shows and Movies Coming in May 2022

Have you ever wished you could see Jessica Biel in a curly-haired wig and big glasses wielding an ax and chopping up her friend If so then you have problems. But youll also get your wish granted in May when Biel stars in the new true crime miniseries Candy which comes to Hulu on May 9. Its just one of the new shows coming to Hulu in May.

On May 15 fans of the Sally Rooney novel Conversations With Friends and the previous Rooney adaptation Normal People get to see the small-screen adaptation about friends husbands and wives with benefits. Season 6 of OWNs Queen Sugar comes to Hulu on May 16 the Hulu original film The Valet pulls up on May 20 and the Letterkenny spin-off Shoresy premieres May 27.

Below youll find our picks for the what to watch on Hulu in May as well as lists of everything coming to and leaving Hulu in May. The Best Movies and Shows to Watch on Hulu in May Sasha Lane Joe Alwyn Alison Oliver and Jemima Kirke Conversations With Friends Sasha Lane Joe Alwyn Alison Oliver and Jemima Kirke Conversations With Friends
Enda BoweHulu
Hatching May 6

Hulu is fantastic at streaming the weirdest of the world and this Finnish creature feature from 2021 certainly qualifies. A young gymnast secretly brings home a bird egg and soon shes eating bird seed and barfing it up to raise some giant bird monster. Plus It got good reviews. What else do you need to know Trailer
Candy May 9

Following Season 1 of The Sinner Jessica Biel goes back to stabbing people on television in this five-night true crime miniseries about Candy Montgomery Biel a housewife in the 1980s who has an affair with her friends Melanie Lynskey husband Pablo Schreiber after she feels constrained by the conformities of being a housewife. That leads to the stabbing or hacking actually since the murder weapon was an ax. Hulu is trying something different with Candy the miniseries will release one new episode per day starting Monday May 9 and ending Friday May 13. Trailer
Conversations With Friends May 15

Normal People was a low-key hit for Hulu so it surprises no one that Hulu is adapting another one of Sally Rooneys novels Conversations With Friends as a miniseries. The subject matter is similar accents and SEX! A more mature person would say intimacy as the story follows a single man and woman who get sexually and emotionally involved with a married couple. Thats some conversation indeed! Trailer
Shoresy May 27

This spin-off of Canadian comedy Letterkenny gives more screen time to one of the shows most popular characters hockey bro and insult dispenser Shoresy. And when I say more screen time I mean it well actually see the normally hidden Shoresys face. And you know what He looks an awful lot like Letterkenny creator Jared Keeso. Letterkennys been quality for years so theres no reason to think this wont be good too. Give your balls a tug and tell your mom to check it out. Trailer
Pistol May 31

U.K. punk legends The Sex Pistols get everything they stood against with this commercialized miniseries biography that will stream on a multi-corporation-owned media giant. The six-episode series is directed by Danny Boyle and charts the bands rise to fame. Mostly unknowns were cast to play Sid Vicious Johnny Rotten and Steve Jones but Game of Thrones vets Maisie Williams and Thomas Brodie-Sangster will play Pamela Rooke and Malcolm McLaren respectively. The real-life Rotten aka John Lydon sued to keep the Pistols music out of the show but he lost. Which is good for us because the show would be worthless without it. Trailer

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