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The Major Locke & Key Character That Fans Just Can’t Stand

Adapted from a comic book series of the same name the Netflix fantasy show Locke & Key released its second season last fall. Upon its return critics lauded the series for delving deeper into the horror mythology undergirding its source material via Rotten Tomatoes as the new chapter follows the Locke siblings while they grapple with the aftermath of their vicious confrontation with the nefarious demon known as Dodge Laysla De Oliveira. While Kinsey Emilia Jones Bode Jackson Robert Scott and Tyler Connor Jessup initially enjoy their newfound freedom spending much of their time searching for more magical keys they eventually come to realize that not all is as it seems. This in turn leads the Lockes to once again question whether or not their familys ancestral magic is worth the cost of everyday normalcy and stability.

Since the shows premiere in 2020 many viewers have discussed the motivations of the main characters often working to make sense of their emotional arcs via Reddit. Understandably in the midst of these conversations fans have inevitably gravitated toward specific members of the Locke family. For some viewers Bode frequently remains a highlight of the series largely due to his likability and openness even as other fans find him divisive. As one reviewer noted the youngest Locke actually approached things fairly rationally and rarely assumed that he knew better than the adults in his life via Hypable. At the same time the older Locke siblings have notably divided fans with their actions and its one of them who has proven the most polarizing.

Kinseys rash decisions are frustrating to fans

Most Redditors agreed with the sentiment noting that Kinseys incompetence during both seasons proved particularly exasperating to witness particularly when she failed to listen to Bodes valid concerns about Dodge. As eyesofthebeast wrote The entire story falls flat because of stupid decisions and insufferable characters. The same user added The older siblings kept pushing out the younger sibling when he was the reason for it all.Another viewer criticized Kinsey for failing to even care about her friends which led to potentially fatal consequences for the entire group. blisterbabe23 wrote She has lost all appeal to me as a character especially after she put the Savinis in danger. She was not remorseful enough she almost killed them.

Notably another user similarly concurred with these frustrations but also shared that the original comic book series is far stronger than its screen adaptation in this regard because it spends more time exploring character arcs. Choosing A Name explained The comic isnt perfect but it develops characters in a much more believable way than the show and doesnt pull any punches when it comes to what the good guys and the bad guys are willing to do to achieve their goals. Other fans emphasized this suggestion urging Locke & Key viewers to turn to the comics for a well written deep dive into the three protagonists. In the end it appears that once again the book might arguably supersede the television show.

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