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The latest Alden Ring hotfix prevents owners from accidentally dying.

Elden Ring has received a minor hotfix that you must install to continue playing online. The real target of this hotfix seems to be in the video below where a late game boss basically disappears halfway through the fight – now why not on my runthrough Radhan made a mistake and disappeared in the middle of the fight! Summon NPCs keep fighting the wind! #ELDENRING #glitch pic.twitter.comDs5rfPAl66 March 19 2022 This is one of the many ways in which Radahn’s boss fights can go awry. There is no end.

However, the hotfix should prevent owners from dying unintentionally, as well as resolving a problem where the millennia in multiplayer was not recovering properly. After all, Alden Best on the bosses will seem to just stop working … in certain circumstances and you can stop crying for a free win. No more Alden Best is back. There are also some minor fixes. The Cerulean Hidden Tear item now runs to a reasonable length and some unspecified text errors have been corrected. This update takes Elden Ring to version 1.04.1 Note and in a charming sign off Bandai-Namco promises future updates so you can enjoy Elden Ring more comfortably. Maybe 1.04.2 will improve the cushioning of my chairs.

Don’t expect any major updates for anyone else since version 1.04 came out just a week ago and made a long list of changes, including complications. Elsewhere in Alden Ring, players find a mysterious Colosseum that could be for Game Boy Damek maker DLC! While others are forming small armies of summons to somehow suppress the owners. Between lands is a good time, even if the PC version continues to drag performance issues.

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