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The It’s Always Sunny Character You Likely Forgot NCIS: LA’s Renee Felice Smith Played

The success of Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia is pretty remarkable. What started life as an ultralowbudget comedy about a group of questionable characters has grown to become one of the most beloved and historic sitcoms on television. Considering that the first season was fairly lowkey and received mixed reviews its been amazing to watch the show go from strength to strength since then. Granted the characters are still pretty dislikeable but their flaws are part of their charm at the end of the day. Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia centers around the comedic misadventures of Mac Rob McElhenney Charlie Charlie Day Dennis Glenn Howerton Dee Kaitlin Olson and Frank Danny DeVito. Collectively known as The Gang they are known for corrupting and offending most of the people they come into contact with which often results in some pretty interesting supporting characters showing up during some episodes.

NCIS Los Angeles star Renée Felice Smith is one of the many guest stars to show up on Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia in recent years. That said her character might not be remembered by some fans as she only stuck around for one episode. Then again her character is quite unforgettable. Renée Felice Smith took on the role of Rickety Crickets dream date
FX Everyone is some shade of terrible or unpleasant on Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia but Renée Felice Smiths character Belle was pretty nice. She makes an appearance during the Season 12 episode titled A Crickets Tale per IMDb which tells the story of a typical day in the life of Rickety Cricket the former priest who became a homeless drug addict after Dee broke his heart.

Things seem to be on the up for Cricket during this episode as he tries to get his life back on track but it gets much better when Belle shows up. She shows him sympathy when he really needs a friend revealing a deep infatuation with for the expriest in the process. Afterward they have a date that culminates with them eating spaghetti in an alley and falling asleep in a cardboard box. Unfortunately its later revealed that Belle is too good to be true but lets not spoil the surprise for those who havent seen the episode yet. Smiths time on the series was shortlived but if her audition video on the shows Twitter account is anything to go by she had a ruff time.


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