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The Good Place vs Modern Family: Which Is A Better Show?

Modern Family and The Good Place reruns can be found on a variety of tv stations and its easy to see why. Both comedies were hugely popular and profitable launching countless careers and inspiring hundreds of jokes and catchphrases. Although the two sitcoms have similar plots they take different approaches to their protagonists and humor. But which one appeals to most people? Here is a showdown of Modern Family vs The Good Place The Better Show.

1. Modern Family helped change views on an important social issue at the time

Modern Family without being overbearing gave an overview of a lovely gay couple parenting a child. Its might be a coincidence that gay marriage was legalized in the United States one year after Mitchell and Cameron had their wedding. However the show accurately depicted all sides of love. This is going to be remembered as a show that helped move the needle on gay rights when things needed to change said co creator Steve Levitan. Im very proud of that.

2. The Good Place gets all the points when talking about originality

There is no other show that compares to The Good Place. While there have been many series about what occurs after people die very few are built entirely in the afterlife. The program also features a distinctive plot a lot of ethical theories and certain visual elements that arent commonly seen in sitcoms all of which contribute to a unique experience.

3. Modern Family has Phil Dunphy

If nothing else can convince you we have 2 words for you Phil Dunphy the adorable clown character. His lack of awareness of reality makes him the most hilarious character and we cant imagine anyone else playing him better than Ty Burrell. Hes the kind of father wholl definitely give you daddy issues but only in the most embarrassing and amusing way possible.

4. The Good Place has Janet The afterlife concierge

Janet is the pleasant unflappable receptionist of the hereafter and her first appearance on The Good Place made it clear that this sitcom would be more than amazing. Janet is popular among fans in particular because she exists outside of gender and any other clearly identifiable physical form. And even after all this Janet has the ability to adapt improve and develop relationships.

5. The Modern Family has brilliant slapstick humor

Modern Family featured some of the best sitcom writing of its day if not all time. The chuckles didnt end there. The shows physical humor which was never overdone and used sparingly was present in practically every episode. It was the comfort food of TV shows. You could feel surrounded by love and laughter every time you turned it on and we always need some of that.

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