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The God of War Ragnarok developer has given a promising update to the release date.

According to at least one member of the team at Santa Monica Studios, the long-awaited sequel to God of War Ragnarok is likely to be released this year. Art director Bruno Velazquez said in response to a fan post about the game that Ragnorok is coming this year. This means that the game marks a busy year for Sony’s release, including the previously released Horizon Forbidden West and Gran Turismo 7.

Released Splatoon 3 release date appeared in the gameplay trailer.

The PlayStation exclusive franchise is one of Sony’s most successful, but little is known about the new game. Fans got their first glimpse of the game at the PlayStation Showcase in September. The trailer confirms the return of Mudguard, as well as a new attack for Kratos, including the legendary weapon of his choice. It was also confirmed in this time frame that God of War Ragnarok will be second in the set of two. The story of the games will encapsulate the battle of Kratos against Norse mythology to stop the trilogy of their games in the PlayStation 2 era against the Greek gods.

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When asked why this is so, creative director Corey Barlog said the first game took five years. The second game I don’t know how long it will take; then if you think Wow is a third in the same time frame and talking about the same story almost 15 years apart. I feel like it’s spread out. If all goes well, PlayStation owners will step into the shoes of the patriarchal God Killer sometime in the next eight months.

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