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“The Girl from Plainville”: The true story behind the crime series

Elle Fanning stars as Michelle Carter in the true crime miniseries The Girl from Plainville , a young woman whose text messages are said to have led to the suicide of her boyfriend Conrad Roy. Fanning has been in the acting business since childhood. As a young girl, she appeared alongside Matt Damon in the film We Bought a Zoo .

She continued her acting career with films such as “ Super 8 ” or “ Maleficient – ​​The Dark Fairy ” with Angelina Jolie. Her performance in “The Girl from Plainville”, on the other hand, is of a rather darker nature compared to the films mentioned. We’ll tell you if the series is based on a true story. The provider Netflix has a lot to offer for fans of true crime. You can find out which good true crime documentaries you can find from the streaming provider in the following video.

In eight episodes, each lasting between 40 and 50 minutes, the unusual suicide case of a young man is examined. That young man is Conrad Roy (played by Colton Ryan) who met a young Michelle Carter (played by Elle Fanning) in Florida. Both feel connected and are in contact for months, especially virtually. The series is set during Carter’s trial. She is accused of causing her boyfriend Conrad Roy to commit suicide by texting her. The tragic, true story of the two young people is illuminated with the help of flashbacks. “The Girl from Plainville” is not a true crime documentary, but a feature film-like series,

Is The Girl From Plainville Based On A True Story?
Not only do the names of the series protagonists correspond to the names of real people, but also the basic plot of the series corresponds to real events. Michelle Carter was actually accused of orchestrating her boyfriend’s suicide. Carter reportedly used text messages to urge her boyfriend Conrad to end his life. As in the series, the real Michelle Carter was brought to justice. The real Conrad Roy committed suicide on June 12, 2014 at the age of 18.

Was Michelle Carter actually found guilty?
According to TIME , prosecutors suspect Carter encouraged her boyfriend to commit suicide because she wanted his death to gain attention and sympathy. She wanted to be the center of attention as a grieving friend , prosecutors said. On June 12, 2014, following her messages, Conrad R. sat in his car in a parking lot and let the exhaust fumes flow into the interior of the car with a hose. When he then panicked and got out again, he turned directly to Carter. She ordered him to get back into the car immediately, which he did. Carter’s final appeal ultimately led to her guilty verdict of involuntary manslaughter of Conrad Roy on August 3, 2017.
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