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The First Lady: 10 Movies & TV Shows Where You’ve Seen The Cast

With one episode underway so far Showtimes new anthology series The First Lady features a stellar ensemble cast headlined by Michelle Pfeiffer Viola Davis and Gillian Anderson. Rather than focusing on one specific character per season or episode the show weaves historical timelines together in each episode to demonstrate how the role of the First Ladies of the United States differed across eras.With Betty Ford Michelle Obama and Eleanor Roosevelt taking center stage fans are bound to recognize the star studded supporting cast from some of the biggest movies and TV shows in recent memory.

Michelle Pfeiffer Batman Returns 1992

While Michelle Pfeiffer has worked with the best actors of her generation en route to earning three Oscar nods from 1990 to 1993 shell never be able to separate herself from her iconic turn as Selina Kyle aka Catwoman in Tim Burtons Batman Returns. Going from Catwoman to Betty Ford in 30 years shows how versatile Pfeiffer remains as an actor.Played with high camp and kitsch in the best way possible Pfeiffers Catwoman is both demure and deadly at once proving to be as big a thorn in Bruce Waynes side as the Penguin Danny DeVito does in the beefed up sequel. All told its one of Pfeiffers best movies.

Viola Davis How To Get Away With Murder 2014 to 2020

Although she is a highly distinguished Oscar winner for her terrific performance in Fences chances are most people recognize the great Viola Davis from the 90 episodes she spent starring on ABCs network drama How To Get Away With Murder which spent seven seasons on the air.With commanding gravitas Viola Davis plays one of her best roles in Annalise Keating on the show a brilliant legal mind who uses her experience as a defense attorney to create hypothetical murder cases for her law students to solve. When art begins imitating life Keating and her students become embroiled in harrowing murder mysteries. For her role Davis earned a 2015 Primetime Emmy. Portraying Michelle Obama in The First Lady dont be shocked if Davis earns another trophy.

Gillian Anderson The X Files 1993 to 2018

While its great to see Gillian Anderson reinvent herself with a British accent on such popular shows as Sex Education and The Crown she and her co star David Duchovny will always be synonymous with The X Files arguably the greatest sci fi TV show ever made. With over 215 episodes and two spinoff movies produced over 25 years the sheer longevity of Dana Scully Anderson is too hard to forget. Hopefully the same will be said of her turn as Eleanor Roosevelt in The First Lady when the series concludes.The brilliance of The X Files is how it pairs a logical scientist in Scully with a paranormal believer in Mulder Duchovny creating a fascinating dialogue between the two as they solve a rash of mysterious cases involving UFOs monsters of the week and grand conspiratorial plots.

Dakota Fanning Once Upon A Time In Hollywood 2019

Dakota Fanning plays Susan Elizabeth Ford in The First Lady Bettys only daughter. A child actor who came to prominence early many may not recognize how grown up Dakota appears nowadays. However those who caught Quentin Tarantinos Once Upon a Time in Hollywood may recall Fannings standout role as Squeaky Fromme.A love letter to 1969 Hollywood the film charts the existential and professional crossroads a faded TV star Leonardo DiCaprio faces in the ever changing Hollywood landscape. Fanning plays one of Charles Mansons real life acolytes who is hilariously mistaken for a killer in the film when really she is just a stoned out lover.

Keifer Sutherland 24. 2001 to 2010

Kiefer Sutherland plays the mighty FDR on The First Lady adding another feather to his decorated resume. Equally famous on TV as he is on the big screen its hard to imagine a more lasting and meaningful project than Foxs real time thriller 24.Now synonymous with Jack Bauer Sutherland spent 195 episodes on 24 a riveting show that adheres to a ticking clock scenario each episode as Bauer and his daring team thwart one vicious terrorist attack after another. Made at a time when homeland security was of the utmost importance in the U.S. the show was timely and topical as it gets.

Ellen Burstyn The Exorcist 1973

Six time Oscar nominee and one time winner Ellen Burstyn stars as Sara Delano Roosevelt on The First Lady adding to a sterling resume for the ages. While fans need to see her in Scorseses Alice Doesnt Live Here Anymore shes just as effective in The Exorcist easily her most well known film to date.For those who dont know the story The Exorcist traces the demonic possession of a little girl named Raegan Linda Blair and the religious efforts made to expel the demon from her soul. As Raegans mother Chris a role shes set to reprise in the remake Burstyn is the emotional anchor of the movie.

Lily Rabe American Horror Story 2011

Lily Rabe continues to add to her impressive TV resume by playing Lorena Hickock a trailblazing journalist and close confidant of Eleanor Roosevelt on The First Lady. While she has plenty of places to recognize her from her decade long stint on American Horror Story is hard to beat.Given the chance to play different characters during the disparately themed anthology show Lily Rabes best characters on AHS comes as Sister Mary Eunice in season 2 and as Shelby Miller in season 6 two complete opposite played with equal credibility.

Aaron Eckhart The Dark Knight 2008

Playing Gerald Ford on the new Showtime series Aaron Eckhart goes toe to toe with the great Michelle Pfeiffer. Oddly enough Eckhart has kept a pretty low profile after starring as Harvey Dent aka Two Face the odious villain in Christopher Nolans mega blockbuster The Dark Knight.Hailed for its dark gritty tone and a terrifying turn by Heath Ledger as the Joker the film serves as the middle leg of a DC superhero trilogy that redefined how comic book movies can be elevated above campy comedic kiddie fare and actually tell stories for adults without alienating the fanbase.

Cailee Spaeny The Craft Legacy 2020

Portraying daughter Anna Eleanor Roosevelt Cailee Spaeny shares most of her scenes with Gillian Anderson on the Showtime series. Unless fans have either Hulu or HBO Max they may not recognize her other TV shows Devs and Mare Of Easttown. However Spaeny takes top billing for The Craft Legacy in 2020 currently making the rounds on Starz.The lightweight horror film follows a quartet of teenage witches who engage in wicked coven activity at their high school tormenting bullies and avenging old grudges. Spaeny plays Lily the head witch who leads the supernatural charge.

Eliza Scanlen Sharp Objects 2018

Australian actress Eliza Scanlen plays young Eleanor Roosevelt on the show appearing during key flashbacks. While Scanlen has appeared in a few movies to date chances are most people recognize her from the acclaimed HBO miniseries Sharp Objects.Sharp Objects concerns Camille Preaker Amy Adams a PTSD ridden journalist who opens old psychological wounds when dispatched to her hometown to cover a murder. Scanlen plays Amma Crellin the absolute standout of the show and Camilles enigmatic teenage sister who harbors a life altering secret.

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