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The entire cast of ‘The Office’ broke while filming this scene

The Office stars are professionals but sometimes the show was too funny for even them to handle.On the latest episode of Stitchers Office Ladies podcast former co stars Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey chatted all about the Season 6 episode Secret Santa which featured a scene so funny that the entire cast broke while filming. Weve heard about other giggle inducing scenes including several from the Womens Appreciation episode the whomever whoever conference room scene in Money and three scenes in Branch Wars. And who could forget that John Krasinski and Rainn Wilson laughed so hard filming Lecture Circuit Part 1 that the show had to shut down production for 20 minutes? We know laughter on set wasnt a rarity but according to Fischer and Kinsey it was really something to see the entire cast break during one scene.In addition to chatting with Green Days lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong about Dwight and Andys Boulevard of Broken Dreams karaoke scene Fischer and Kinsey discussed the funniest moment of the episode When Kevin sat on Michaels lap.

As a refresher both Phyllis and Michael showed up to the office holiday party dressed as Santa. Michael was in a mood because he felt Phyllis was stealing his Christmas thunder so he staged his own Santa photo op by sitting in a chair across from reception and invited Kevin to sit on his lap. Kevin sits on Michaels lap. Michaels like Well what would you like for Christmas little boy? And Kevins like I dont know. I didnt know you were going to ask me that. And Michaels like What did you think was going to happen? And Kevins like I dont know. No ones ever let me sit on their lap before Kinsey recalled. Michaels really struggling now. Hes like Just tell me what toys you want. And Kevins taking a long time to think about it.Robbie V an Office Ladies fan in South Korea wrote in to the podcast to say At 756 if you pause you can clearly see Ed Helms and Mindy Kaling breaking so hard. A few seconds later B.J. Novak started to break. They were all laughing so hard Ed needed to hide from the camera.

Fischer and Kinsey confirmed that filming the scene was funny as hell.I would say overwhelmingly this was one time where the entire cast broke. The entire cast Kinsey said. Ive read so many interviews in prepping for this episode where John Ed and Brian all talk about how they were all breaking. I read where Veda [Semarne] our script supervisor said how she would have to mark whenever someone laughed in a take and it was like everyone.They didnt have any footage of us not laughing Fischer said. They didnt have any. We never got it. Thats why all the footage shows us breaking in the background. Thats exactly right. On the commentary Claire Scanlon who was our editor talked about how difficult it was to edit this scene because someone was constantly laughing Kinsey explained. And if you watch you guys all see Mindy break. Ed literally had to go behind the wall. There was like a plant and a wall and you watch him go and hide. There are a lot of bloopers from this.


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