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The DCEU Suicide Squad’s Worst Line Hints at How to Defeat Superman

The worst line uttered throughout the DCEU film Suicide Squad sparked equal amounts of outrage and humorous disbelief in fans because of just how bad the dialogue was. But weirdly enough it was actually beneficial to the team as it hints at how to defeat Superman himself.When each member of the Suicide Squad are introduced in the movie they each get a whole flashback scene that explains who they are what their expertise is and how they ended up on Task Force X. However one of the coolest members of the team didnt get such an introduction and that member was Katana. Katana seemed like an afterthought in the movie coming aboard the Squads helicopter as it is taking off for their first mission. Rick Flag gives her a few sentences worth of an introduction to quickly wrap up her backstory This is Katana. Shes got my back. She can cut all you in half with one sword stroke just like mowing the lawn. I would advise not getting killed by her. Her sword traps the souls of its victims making it among the worst lines in the movie.

In Suicide Squad 3 by Rob Williams and Jim Lee the Suicide Squad are sent on one of their most dangerous missions to date one that threw them face to face with the gateway to the Phantom Zone and more menacingly its inhabitants. In a burst gruesome laser beam destruction General Zod emerged from the Phantom Zone and quickly started to attack the members of the Suicide Squad he saw before him. While he would normally make quick work of the team of villains Zod is stopped by none other than Katana and her Soultaker sword. Katana uses her mystical blade to stop one of Zods full powered punches then slices Zods chest drawing blood from the Kryptonian. When Zod asks how this is possible Katana answers magic.

It is a known fact that Superman and by extension other Kryptonians can be defeated by magic but this issue marked the first time fans became aware that Katana wielded the magical power necessary to take a Kryptonian down. With this exhibition of power Katana proved that she can defeat Superman solo which was hinted at in the first live action Suicide Squad film with Flags line. While Flag doesnt explicitly say that Katanas sword is powered by magic trapping the souls of its victims is a magical process that would allow her to defeat Superman.Rick Flag informing the Suicide Squad and the audience that Katana had a magical weapon was clumsily phrased but since one of the Man of Steels weaknesses is magic her ability to take him down was strongly alluded to. Then in Suicide Squad 3 fans know for sure that Katana does have the magical power necessary to take out Superman if she ever needed to something that was hinted at by the DCEU Suicide Squads worst line.

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