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The Complete Guide To Watching All Resident Evil Movies And Shows In Chronological Order

Resident Evil is one of the most notorious videotape game votes of all time The zombie horror world it created has a addict following of its own Other than the multitudinous games there are 12 Resident Evil pictures and shows which in a chronological order would help indeed those who have nt played any of the games easily understand the core plot Developed by Japanese game inventor Capcom the ballot began with the first Resident Evil game in 1996 The monstrously successful game was followed by Resident Evil 2 1998 and Resident Evil 3 Nemesis 1999 both of which were inversely successful By the time Paul WS Anderson directed the first Resident Evil film in 2002 under Sony Pictures Capcom had released numerous further successful titles in the series in quick race Anderson wrote five further Resident Evil flicks and directed three of them later.

Together the six flicks are also known as the original series but their plot isnt connected to the story in the games In fact Anderson created several original characters simply for the flicks Despite this all of them were inadequately entered by critics and suckers Outside of the original Resident Evil series the pictures and television shows include a rebooted film three computer generated CG amped flicks one amped miniseries and one live action television series still barring two CG amped flicks none have been successful with suckers or critics Yet all of them make for an intriguing watch for boneshard zombie horror suckers So for those who want to know how and where to watch them utmost of the flicks and television shows are available across streaming platforms similar as Netflix and Prime Video besides YouTube Then are the Resident Evil flicks and series in chronological order.

Resident Evil Drink to Raccoon City 2021
Basically a reboot Resident Evil Drink to Raccoon City is the most recent film in the series But the singular reason to watch this movie before the others is that its closest to the original plot of the gaming ballot and shows a Raccoon City just before effects turned horribly wrong Chronologically it also marks the first live action appearance of some of the most prominent characters from the game

The origin story begins in the early 1980s when its protagonists siblings Claire Redfield and Chris Redfield are in an orphanage Times latterly in 1998 a grown up Claire Kaya Scodelario reunites with Chris Robbie Amell who is now a leader of a special force in the mega city But they soon find themselves trying to survive as the ignominious Umbrella Corporation or Umbrella Corp tries to contain the outbreak of a contagion thats turning people and creatures into zombies The siblings are joined by a different group of well trained labor force including Chris special force mate Jill Valentine Hannah John Kamen a megacity bobby Leon S Kennedy Avan Jogia and a double agent Albert Wesker Tom Hopper.

Resident Evil horizonless Darkness 2021
The four occasion amped miniseries follows Leon raised by Nick Apostolides and Claire raised by Stephanie Panisello probing a zombie outbreak in a different country During the charge they discover vestments that connect the incident back home in the US Though the story connects with an incident in 2000 the film is substantially set in 2006 and is thus a direct follow up to Resident Evil Degeneration The events also act as a prequel to the game Resident Evil 5 2009.

Resident Evil 2022
Released on Netflix this Resident Evil is a live action series and isnt connected to any of the flicks or shows that came before it In fact it takes an entirely different digression in character structure and is only approximately grounded on the core plot of the games Interspersing between two timelines 2022 and 2036 the story follows Jade Wesker Ella Balinska trying to survive in a world in 2036 where violent zombies are far and wide Shes also trying to grapple with her traumatic history in New Raccoon City in South Africa where her father Albert Lance Reddick was in charge of the Umbrella Corp and where she supposedly lost her family Billie Wesker Adeline Rudolph Tamara Smart plays a youngish interpretation of Jade while Siena Agudong plays the youngish Billie.

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