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The Boys Jokingly Reveals Season 3s Entire Plot Starring Jensen Ackles Beard

According to The Boys social media the superhero series third season will focus on a lumberjack village founded by The Boys and The Seven. The Boys Season 3 Jensen Ackles Beard Header The Boys reveals the entire plot of the Prime Video series third season online though it is most likely a joke. After series newcomer Jensen Ackles posted a throwback photo of the massive beard he grew to play Soldier Boy in Season 3 The Boys Twitter account picked it up and ran with it. According to the account Season 3 is actually the story of The Boys and The Seven moving deep into the woods to become lumberjacks establishing a village where each character pitches in through different ways. The specific roles detailed in the thread include Homelander setting up a Vought Fresh Farms to provide dairy while ATrain makes quick trips into town if anyone needs something from the market and more though Queen Maeve and her new sword are apparently responsible for the actual lumber jacking.

S3 is actually the story of how everyone moves deep into the woods to become lumberjacks. Soldier Boy and Butcher exchange beard care tips. Homelander sets up a Vought Fresh Farms to provide dairy. Frenchie miraculously establishes a WiFi connection. pic.twitter.comkTBXCh1fYH &mdash THE BOYS
This is clearly another joke from The Boys social media which has gotten up to numerous hijinks in the past including traded quips with the band Imagine Dragons. The bands song Bones played over the series teaser trailer for Season 3 which paints a very different picture than the lumberjack community described. However the end of the teaser does show a brief glimpse at the beard Ackles grew out for the show.

Deep rehabilitates a local lake bringing a bunch of his friends to live there Noir watches over the camp every night never complaining Kimiko is the group&rsquos hunter. Poor deer. And Maeve does the actual lumber jacking. Takes her about 5 minutes a day to finish. &mdash THE BOYS @TheBoysTV April 23 2022
While speaking to Michael Rosenbaum on the Inside of You podcast Ackles revealed that Soldier Boys beard will only stick around for the supes introduction. They find me and Ive been essentially in captivity for a while Ackles said. And so when they do Im bearded and I look like Im from the movie Cast Away but then they clean me up and I get my superhero outfit back on and I go to town.

Ackles continued on to say that he did not know he could grow a beard like that and that maintaining it required more care products than he had for any other part of his body. Some other new supes will be joining Soldier Boy and his beard in Season 3. The Walking Deads Laurie Holden will be portraying the Crimson Countess a twist on Marvels Scarlet Witch while actor Miles Gaston Villanueva will play Supersonic an exboyfriend of Starlight Erin Moriarty. Also joining the series are supes Blue Hawk and Gunpowder played by Nick Wechsler and Sean Patrick Flannery respectively.

The seasons teaser promises that there will be plenty of violent action for fans to witness along with new superpowers for Billy Butcher Karl Urban a new wardrobe for ATrain Jessie T. Usher and more. Other than the trailer and the knowledge that the Herogasm miniseries will be adapted in one of its episodes details on Season 3 remain scarce.

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