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The Big Bang Theory: Who Is The Main Character Of Each Season?

Despite show drawing to a close fans of the The Big Bang Theory continued to watch stream and enjoy the show. Spanning 12 years between 2007 and 2019 the hit series even inspired the spin-off show Young Sheldon which explored Sheldon’s upbringing.The Big Bang Theory had several main characters in its roster and new main characters were added throughout the seasons — including Amy and Bernadette. The characters fans started with Sheldon Penny Leonard Raj and Howard — remained central figures over the course of the show but each season gave a different character a chance to shine.

In season one fans meet highly-intelligent scientists Sheldon and Leonard who are friends and roommates. Fans are then introduced to Sheldon and Leonard’s their new neighbor Penny in the first episode and thus begins the on-again-off-again romance between her and Leonard.TBBT season centers on Leonard’s desire to date Penny and her dating decisions which eventually lead her to kiss Leonard after his birthday party. What begins as friendship is now a romantic spark as the pair go on their first date in the final episode of season one.Season 2 Penny Discovers She Still Has Feelings For Leonard

Penny Showing Leonard She Kept His 11 Page Letter After failing to kick off their relationship season two portrays Penny and Leonard in an awkward stage where they aren’t dating but aren’t friends anymore. They date other people Leonard moves in with Stephanie and Penny shares an evening with Raj but both are jealous of each other’s partners.The Big Bang Theory 5 Harsh Realities Of Being Penny & 5 Perks Leonard and Penny end up in bed together and by the end of the season Penny admits to herself that she still has feelings for Leonard. However Leonard is already leaving for a 3-month expedition.

In the third season Raj’s research is reaching a dead-end and he faces the potential reality of having to leave his life and his friends in America and move back to India. This season also introduces Bernadette who strains Raj’s life as he begins feeling like he’s losing his best friend Howard. During the season Bernadette and Howard go on dates with Leonard and Penny. Likewise Raj and Howard set Sheldon up on a date. In the final episode viewers are introduced to Amy leaving everybody coupled up except Raj.

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