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The Big Bang Theory: The 10 Best Episodes, According To Ranker

The last big time success for a sitcom on a network is arguably The Big Bang Theory which was a juggernaut on CBS for 12 years. The best thing about the show is how rewatchable it is with fans easily able to check out any episode they please to follow the exploits of Leonard Penny Sheldon Raj Howard Amy and Bernadette.Voters on Ranker have rated which episodes they feel represent the best that The Big Bang Theory has to offer. Since these have hundreds of votes from around the world theres no doubt that these stories are the ones that reach the top of the 279 overall episodes in the sitcom.

10 Season 1 Episode 6 The Middle Earth Paradigm

The first time a truly emotional moment happened in The Big Bang Theory was at the end of this episode. Its premise surrounds the Halloween party Penny invites the guys where their lack of social skills sees them dress up as geeky characters in contrast to Pennys guests.Fans generally like it for the fact that Penny and Leonard had their first kiss. After Leonard stood up for Penny but was embarrassed by her bullying ex boyfriend Penny kissed Leonard for his thoughtfulness. Although she was also inebriated it marked the occasion for the pair to begin their long love story.

9 Season 6 Episode 4 The Re Entry Minimization

Its always fun watching wholesome moments with the gang and this episode featured quite a few with Leonard Penny Amy and Sheldon. The boys faced off with the girls in various competitions losing pretty much all of them and garnering some hilarious mocking from Amy and Penny.The other story is about Howards return from space and he doesnt receive the heros welcome he expected when everyone is too preoccupied to care about his presence. The way the two stories connected in the end remains funny and creative with fans still seeing this as a highly rewatchable episode.

8 Season 4 Episode 3 The Zazzy Substitution

The first time that Sheldon exhibited his affection for Amy was when he realized he really missed having her around. In this episode Sheldons fight with Amy causes him to look for alternate ways to fill the hole shes left in her life leading to Sheldon adopting a clowder of cats.Sheldons use of the word zazzy to describe one of the cats is what makes this episode so memorable so much so that its part of the title. The gangs numerous attempts to help him get over Amy and the hilarious pratfalls that ensue add to the hilarity of the episode.

7 Season 3 Episode 22 The Staircase Implementation

Flashback episodes are something that The Big Bang Theory fans generally love with this one detailing how Sheldon and Leonard met. Filled with various reveals like how the elevator got destroyed to the signing of Leonard and Sheldons roommate agreement this episode is a real eye opener.The kooky appearances of Raj Leonard and Howard in contrast to Sheldon appearing the exact same way in the past will always be a source of comedy. At the end of it fans are also reminded of why Leonard and Sheldon are best friends as the latter is revealed to have essentially saved his life.

6 Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot

The episode that started it all remains one of the best in the series for the way everyones introduced. Unlike most other shows The Big Bang Theorys pilot remains entirely in the comedic territory and never gets sentimental in any way. Here Penny moved into the building and began her friendship with the guys.The pilot is a relatively simplistic episode as its mainly about the contrasting attitudes of Penny compared to the rest of the cast. Its also good to rewatch knowing just how much everyone changes by the end of the series which goes to show how well The Big Bang Theory handled its storytelling.

5 Season 3 Episode 18 The Pants Alternative

There are quite a few embarrassing moments for the characters in The Big Bang Theory with this episode bringing one that Sheldon wont ever live down. The plot surrounds his inability to overcome his stage fright with everyone else trying different methods to get him out of his shell.The laughs arrive when each one of the characters fails miserably and all of them end up getting themselves in humiliating situations in return. Of course the biggest highlight remains Sheldons drunken tirade at the end which is so over the top that its recorded and goes viral for Sheldons embarrassment to remain on the internet forever.

4 Season 6 Episode 21 The Closure Alternative

Another episode that focuses on Sheldons quirky habits this one has Amy forcing him to come to terms with the fact that its not possible to gain closure for everything. Amys experiments lead to Sheldon being hilariously frustrated with things like not being able to blow all the candles on a birthday cake and to finish the U.S. national anthem.The subplot of Rajs attempts to impress Lucy is worth following as well with Raj trying to act more masculine around her. As expected Raj ends up creeping Lucy out instead by his out of character antics although the episode has a surprisingly heartwarming reconciliation between the two.

3 Season 3 Episode 8 The Adhesive Duck Deficiency

Arguably the shows fans love brother sister moments between Penny and Sheldon more than anything else on The Big Bang Theory. This episode centers around Pennys injury in the shower that forces Sheldon to care for her leading to a heartwarming rendition of Soft Kitty.Even funnier are the exploits of Leonard Howard and Raj on their camping trip. The trio accidentally eats questionable cookies which causes them to become delirious. The friends admission to embarrassing secrets of their past and zany behavior is the stuff of highlight reels in The Big Bang Theorys history.

2 Season 2 Episode 11 The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis

The ending of this episode brought one of the best friendship moments in The Big Bang Theory when Sheldon willingly hugged Penny. The main premise is about Leonards jealousy over handsome physicist David Underhill wooing Penny while the subplot is about Sheldon searching for the perfect holiday gift for her out of obligation.Although the overall plotlines are no doubt entertaining fans largely remember the episode for the bonding moment between Penny and Sheldon. Its a heartwarming exchange between the two when Sheldon hugs her for giving him a napkin that belongs to Leonard Nimoy and cements their sibling like dynamic.

1 Season 3 Episode 20 The Spaghetti Catalyst

Sheldon is kind of like the son Leonard and Penny never had which this episode takes a spin at. After the pair break up Sheldon tries to juggle his friendship with both Leonard and Penny and messes things up just as Sheldon can do best.The shows fans were appreciative that it took a lighter approach to the fallout from Leonard and Pennys breakup with Sheldon presented as the aspect that united the two. It also depicts his inherent loyalty to his friends and fans can never get enough of the times when Sheldon reveals his softer side.

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