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The Best Character On ‘Killing Eve’

It is rare to find someone who didnt watch BBCs almost amazing Killing Eve. Now now we say almost amazing because have you seen this ending? We wont say any spoilers but we cant ignore how disappointed most of the shows fans were after such a gray ending.Some shows may manage to keep the same rating and professionalism throughout all seasons but others fail at doing so. Unfortunately Killing Eve is considered by many people to have failed to keep its glamour throughout the four seasons.The good part is that some characters didnt fail us as the show did and we still got to see the chemistry between Eve and Villanelle. So it was hard for us to pick the best character on Killing Eve.However Jodie Comer helped us with her amazing performance and for us Villanelle is the best character. Why? Scroll down and find out why we love her!

Not Just An Assassin

From the beginning of Killing Eve and the shows fans were surprised by how quickly they fell in love with Villanelle who is a psychopathic assassin who kills ruthlessly.We are not ashamed to say that we also fell in love with her. It was easy for people to love Comers character when they realized that she is not just an assassin and that there is more to her.We witness Villanelles character development and how she shows her vulnerability and her true self around Eve. This vulnerability made us look past the surface to find out that Villanelle is someone who faced many traumatic events and yet is still trying to connect with Eve.

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