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The Batman’s Young Bruce Wayne Actor Didn’t Tell Anyone About His Role

Oscar Novak who played young Bruce Wayne in The Batman kept his role a secret from his classmates saying they didnt even know he was an actor. Novak has also appeared as the young version of Alexander Skarsgards character in Robert Eggers The Northman which just opened in theaters on April 22. The Batman marks the screen debut for the 12 year old performer.Instead of retelling the characters classic origin story The Batman picks up in Bruces second year of crimefighting. However the reboot still touches on the tragedy that led to him becoming the Caped Crusader. The Batmans Wayne family history is showcased in news reports in the film featuring a look at a young Bruce with his parents. Even though it wasnt the biggest role getting to play such an iconic character was a big deal for Novak though he made sure to keep things a secret.

In an interview with THR Novak talks about how he had to keep his role hidden from his classmates and their surprise that he booked such a large movie. He talks about how he kept the role under wraps because he thought it was too much of a hassle to explain to them. He goes on to talk about how a friend spotted him in the trailer for The Northman showing that he booked two major films in a row.With The Batman becoming the highest grossing movie of the year so far and The Northman earning widespread positive reviews it wouldnt be a surprise if Novak gets the opportunity to appear in more movies. He mentions that the two movies allowed him to get an agent and now hes auditioning for other projects all the time leaving him with a lot more to tell his classmates. It will be interesting to see if hes cast in any other high profile projects in the near future perhaps even as someone whos not just a younger version of the main character.

Hollywood has a complicated history with child actors putting adult responsibilities on kids and complicating their time growing up. Its a good sign that Novak is still able to go to school and have friends and despite the difficulties of his new career is showing that he can balance work and being a kid. With the door left open for a The Batman 2 perhaps Novak already has a job guaranteed down the line with flashbacks that show young Bruce Wayne growing into his persona and steady work is something every actor dreams of.


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