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The Batman BTS Video Shows Robert Pattinsons Costume Camera Test

A new behind-the-scenes The Batman video show Robert Pattinson doing his first costume camera test as Bruce Wayne alongside Zoë Kravitzs Cat woman. A new The Batman behind-the-scenes video has been released of Robert Pattinsons extended costume camera test. The Dark Knight has returned to the big screen after Ben Afflecks iteration in the DCEU. What was initially going to be Afflecks solo film instead got retooled into a reboot in The Batman with Matt Reeves directing. Rather than taking place in the DCEU The Batman served as the beginning of a new standalone franchise with Pattinson as a younger iteration of Bruce Wayne.

In contrast to the traditional Batman origin story The Batman focused on Bruces second year as a crime fighter in Gotham. Though he was not completely inexperienced this Bruce Wayne Batman has a long journey to becoming the worlds greatest detective from his original comic book mythology. The Batman followed Bruce going up against the serial killer Edward Nashton a.k.a. The Riddler Paul Dano who was reimagined as a Zodiac Killer-like murderer. With a new Batman reboot comes fresh interpretations of various things in Bruces mythology which includes his iconic Batsuit which has gone through many variations over the decades.

One piece of The Batman marketing that many may recall is the iconic camera test sizzle that Reeves dropped in February 2020 as they were preparing for principal photography. Now that Pattinsons film has hit theaters and made its way to HBO Max a closer look at the actors initial costume camera test has been revealed. Thanks to Robert Pattinson Photos Media an extended behind-the-scenes video has become available showing Pattinsons test from January 20 2020. Check out the full clip below

It will certainly be interesting to see how Bruce develops his look in future installments of The Batman franchise given that this particular Batsuit felt like it was still a work in progress. Since the plot was set during Bruces second year as Batman audiences presumably saw only an early iteration of a suit that will evolve across The Batman 2 and other potential future films. If there is room in the sequel perhaps The Batman 2 could even include flashbacks providing a glimpse of Bruces very first suit too. Its also possible that this was something that would have been included in the planned The Batman spinoff GCPD series which was supposed to take place during Batmans first year and is currently on hold.

The Batman was not only a critical success but the reboot also performed well at the global box office grossing $752.6 million. Among other elements of the film Pattinson and Zoë Kravitzs respective Batman and Cat woman costumes were praised by many as embodying the darker gritty take on this Caped Crusader story and this video shows just how much work and planning went into creating their unique looks. Given The Bat mans success it seems only a matter of time before Warner Bros. officially green-lights The Batman 2 and audiences are likely to see an even more impressive and evolved version of Pattinsons Batsuit when it hits screens.

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