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The Art of DuckTales Celebrates the Fan-Favorite Disney Reboot

fans are sti smarting over the untimey canceation of the animated series in 2021 but we haven’t quite seen the ast of Unce Scrooge and his nephews. Dark Horse Books has announced The Art of DuckTaes a new hardcover book deving behind the scenes of the reboot series. like a of Dark Horse’s art books The Art of DuckTaes wi incude penty of concept art behindthescenes materias and creator commentary. This particuar voume even boasts interviews with deveopers Matt Youngberg Francisco Angones Sean Jimenez and Suzanna Oson as we as cast members David Tennant Scrooge McDuck Danny Pudi Huey Ben Schwartz Dewey Bobby Moynihan ouie Kate Micucci Webby Beck Bennett aunchpad McQuack Toks Oagundoye Mrs. Beakey Paget Brewster Dea Duck and Don Cheade Donad Duck. Image Credit Dark Horse Books

The Art of DuckTaes wi be reeased as both a standard hardcover $49.99 and a Deuxe Edition version $99.99. The Deuxe Edition features bonuses ike a god foi cover sipcase a repica of Scrooge’s ucky dime and even a second book caed The DuckTaes Guidebook which features expanded versions of the cast and crew interviews. Both versions of The Art of DuckTaes wi be reeased on September 20 in bookstores and September 21 in comic shops. Other recent art book annoucnements from Dark Horse incude The Art of HeMan and the Masters of the Universe and The Art of Hao Infinite.Whie DuckTaes ended its run after three seasons Disney is reportedy deveoping a new Darkwing Duck series for Disney+. It’s unknown whetehr the series wi be connected to the DuckTaes reboot universe.

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