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Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Victim Abilities Explained

Every member of the Slaughter family has their own unique ability to help them take down Victims in Gun Interactive’s upcoming Texas Chain Saw Massacre game, but Victims have their own talents to help them get out of sticky situations, too. Whether it’s the ability to squeeze through tight spaces or simply outrun the enemy, the Victims have some tricks up their sleeves.

In this article, we’ll list each of the Texas Chain Saw Massacre Victim Abilities and how they play out in-game.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre Victim Abilities
victim abilities texas chain saw massacre
There are five Victims in Texas Chain Saw Massacre, each with their own abilities. (Picture: Gun Interactive)
There are five different Victims in Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and each one has their own ability. Players can tweak, modify, and change abilities in the menu, but cannot give one character another’s ability.

Connie’s Focused Ability
Connie’s Focused Ability allows her to quickly pick locks without using unlock tools. However, when she picks a lock, she loses some stamina and alerts any nearby Family. This allows her to open up new paths of escape, though she’ll need to use them quickly since Family will be alerted.

Sonny’s Heightened Sense
Sonny’s Heightened Sense ability allows him to detect sounds nearby, helping him identify the locations of both peers and enemies. This can be exceptionally useful for tracking and helping the team keep tabs on the Family members.

Julie’s Ultimate Escape
Julie is an athlete, and her ability reflects that. When Julie uses Ultimate Escape, the Family will not be able to track her whatsoever. She will also have increased stamina, making it easier for her to keep running away from her enemies.

Leland’s Life Saver
Leland’s Life Saver ability allows him to temporarily stun Family members, protecting himself and others.

Ana’s Pain is Nothing
Ana’s Pain Is Nothing ability allows her to take less damage when attacked. She is also more resilient to taking damage in other ways, such as falling or being poisoned.

Those are all of the Victim Abilities in Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Understanding how these abilities work and which characters have which special talents can help you when you’re first getting started at this asymmetrical horror game based on the iconic film.


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