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Teen Wolf: Side Characters With Main Character Energy

Teen Wolf brought fans some of the most beloved characters on TV such as Allison Argent Lydia Martin and Stiles Stilinski. With the movie coming out in 2022 many fans are left wondering just which characters the project will bring back and which will be left in the past.After all fans didnt only love the main cast but enjoyed the storylines of side characters which in most cases were just as engaging if not more so. Some side characters definitely stole the spotlight from time to time and left fans wishing for more.

Alan Deaton

Fans often didnt know what to think of Deaton as from the beginning it wasnt quite clear whose side he was on and he seemed a bit sketchy. But as soon as his allegiance got cleared up he was one of the best characters on the show constantly helping Scott with his veterinary knowledge and his knowledge of the supernatural.He always appeared when the pack needed him most and even if he never did get featured in any of his own storylines fans loved him all the same.

Peter Hale

Peter was a character everyone loved to hate in the beginning. He was one of those villains that are just so good one cant help but like them even if he did constantly rival Scott for Alpha status which ultimately resulted in one of the most cringeworthy moments on the show. He was snarky funny powerful and always left the audience wondering whose side he was actually on.Peter also got a very interesting storyline after it was revealed he was Malias dad and the show took advantage of that quite a lot. It was part of his character development arc and it was interesting to see him care about anyone.

Jordan Parrish

Even though Parrish was never the main character his character deserved more time in the spotlight. He had good chemistry with Lydia and the scenes in which he teaches her self defense were fun to watch even if it was blatantly obvious he was supposed to be a love interest in the beginning.Revealing him as a Hellhound made a lot of sense narratively. It was an interesting new addition and since he was set on hiding the supernatural from humans his interests overlapped with those of the pack. It was a shame that he was an underutilized and underappreciated character after that.


There is no limit on how many tough female characters a show can have and Braeden definitely qualified. She was an interesting and complex character. Being a mercenary by default means she offers her services for money but then she selflessly helped Scotts pack without expecting anything in return.She was a trusted ally to the McCall pack bonded with Scott Stiles and Malia and made a great romantic match for Derek. It says a lot about her character that she willingly got tangled in their problems and helped in any way she could.

Cora Hale

Cora was Dereks sister with a tragic backstory. She escaped the Hale house fire and believed her entire family to be dead. She only came back when she heard rumors of her brother creating a pack.Despite her character having a very short arc before leaving to go back to South America it had a lot of potential. She could have been the sister Derek missed so much and even a possible love interest for Stiles with whom she had great chemistry. But Adelaide Kane was booked to play Queen Mary in Reign and the rest is history.

Chris Argent

When talking about character development Argent cannot be looked over. Characters who learn to bend as much as he did for the sake of his family are rare. He allowed his daughter to teach him some important life lessons and ultimately changed his entire philosophy.Going from a villain and an enemy to any supernatural beings to a powerful ally to the McCall pack he should have gotten more screentime to delve into his personal story more.


Danny is another one of those characters that everyone just loves instinctively. He started off as Jacksons friend and he was mostly there for comic relief. It almost seemed that after Jackson left the show sometimes forgot about Danny.What is most fascinating is that everyone pretty much thought Danny to be clueless so when he revealed to his boyfriend that he knew about the supernatural it was a great plot twist and one of the most unexpected moments. Danny was a great friend and apparently he could keep a secret well too.

Sheriff Stilinski

He was probably one of the favorite characters on the show besides the mains. He was on all the seasons of the show but he deserved more screen time and a more personal storyline.When he did get screentime and out of side characters he was featured in the most episodes he shone being a single parent to Stiles struggling between loyalty to his son and his job. He was a great father and many fans are still bitter that he didnt end up with Melissa which would have made Scott and Stiles brothers.

Coach Finstock

Though the coach was undoubtedly there for comic relief as his scenes were often the most hilarious his chemistry with the cast and his presence on screen was above average. Being the lacrosse coach he constantly had reasons to be around and he often had the worst timing.There was never a backstory for the coach or a more personal storyline that didnt revolve around the main cast and it might have been a missed opportunity because fans would have been overjoyed.

Melissa McCall

As the mom of the titular teen wolf she often got pushed to the side but remained a constant on the show and in the hearts of fans everywhere.Not only was she a take no crap single parent but she proved herself to be tough as well. Many parents would try to dissuade their son from partaking in supernatural wars but Melissa encouraged Scott as best as she could to be the man she raised. She also never said no when it was time to help someone.


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