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Teen Wolf: 7 Worst Episodes, According To Reddit

Teen Wolf is massively popular amongst fans and over its 100 plus episodes viewers have been able to enjoy at least some aspect of every season. However not every episode is considered great overall. In fact there are a number of episodes that fans would deem to be the worst out of the whole series.On the website Reddit fans of Teen Wolf are able to discuss which episodes are their least favorites and although opinions always differ there is a bit of a consensus about which episodes Reddit believes to be the worst overall.

Fireflies 3×03

While season 3 both parts A and B are considered to be the best seasons of Teen Wolf not every episode is loved by fans. According to Reddit user MrsPoldark Fireflies where the whole episode was Derek Scott and Isaac chasing Boyd and Cora was pretty boring the second time through. The first time it was only interesting because you didnt know what was going to happen. Upon rewatching it I just looked forward to the Lydia and Stiles scenes where they find the dead body.There are many good elements in the episode such as the hints towards Lydias newfound powers but since its an early episode in the season nothing truly impactful happens making it a little uninteresting.

The Wolves Of War 6×20

Many fans were excited for the shows finale so it was disappointing to see what the episode actually had in store especially since it seemed more focused on spinoffs than the actual show. Plus while there were a number of things that the characters wanted that came true by Teen Wolfs end not every plot was wrapped up satisfactorily.As stated by Redditor tracyerickson 6B FINALE YOU HAD ONE JOB Im not interested in your attempts to shoe horn in a back door pilot full of characters I dont care about! I think your sudden attempt to make Scalia a thing is weird. Their chemistry is okay but theres no groundwork. Honestly if it wasnt for the Jackson and Ethan intro and the six minutes of Derek and Stiles I would sue for my time back.

A Promise To The Dead 4×11

While the season 4 penultimate episode had many thrilling aspects some fans believed that the motivations of multiple characters didnt make any sense which led to a less than compelling episode. This mainly involved the villainous team up between Kate and Peter.These disappointed fans include Reddit user Rose the Snapdragon who specifically dislikes Peters motivations Peter for some reason trusted Kate of all people to concoct a plan to exact revenge on Scott and company? Honestly Peter didnt seem like he was gaining very much from this. The successful plan would have ended with Scott as a Berserker and thats about it. It seems Peter risked a lot and worked with the woman who killed his family for very little gain.

Maid Of Gevaudan 5×18

This episode showed how the Argent family came to be and told the tale of its founding member Marie Jeanne who is the strongest human character in Teen Wolf. Fans were excited to see actor Crystal Reed return for the role after the death of Allison but evidently this isnt enough for everyone to like the episode.According to Redditor MrsPoldark Any of the episodes that are mainly told in flashback and are just exposition for example Maid of Gevaudan arent great. Its kind of interesting to find out more about certain events or characters but when rewatching the episodes youre just interested in the parts with the main characters or else you can skip them entirely. The episode also features some dated CGI which turned a lot of fans off.

Visionary 3×08

Often flashback episodes can feel like they are halting the overall plot which leads fans to dislike them. This is why some viewers dislike the episode that explains how Dereks werewolf eyes became blue. According to Reddit user KissingToast99 Visionary was a waste of time when it came to Derek. The love story with Paige was unnecessary and was just another way to sh on Derek.The episode is very sad but viewers may argue that Derek has already been through enough and therefore this story was unnecessary. Paige herself isnt very memorable so its hard to care about their doomed romance. Plus while many fans love Derek some arent interested in seeing his backstory considering that many things about Derek have aged poorly.

Orphaned 4×06

Season 4 was considered to be a step down from the previous seasons by many fans. This has resulted in a lot of fans disliking multiple episodes from the season. This includes the episode Orphaned which involves both sides of the dead pool battle gathering forces and recovering intel. While the stakes are high theyre not interesting enough for fans to enjoy the episode overall.According to Reddit user hazytuesday the episode was lacking because I hated the dead pool and the absence of Allison and Isaac was very noticeable as far as Im concerned. This was the season after both of those characters had left the show and the series did shift majorly in the wake of their absence. This change was definitely felt by fans and a lot of them didnt like it.

Parasomnia 5×02

This season 5 episode features Tracy becoming a chimera along with Stiles becoming more suspicious of Theo. There were a lot of interesting plots appearing but apparently that wasnt enough to make it a good episode.According to one Reddit user this episode was bad because I just hated the Dread Doctors a lot and I wasnt a big fan of that arc in any way. And frankly I didnt really like Theo that much as well. And there is also a lack of Derek which I didnt like since Derek is one of my favorite characters in the show. Perhaps this was why the episode was actually the lowest rated Teen Wolf episode in its whole 6 season run in terms of viewership.

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