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Teen Wolf: 5 Supernatural Villains The Pack Could Beat (And 5 They Definitely Couldn’t)

Two of the most beloved shows full of mythical creatures and characters that wont stay dead are most definitely CWs Supernatural and MTVs Teen Wolf. With Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles reuniting for Walkers most recent episode which featured an iconic musical number from Kansas and the cast of Teen Wolf reuniting in Beacon Hills once again for a movie fans find their flames for these paranormal shows reignited.Both shows blend elements of the supernatural with the mundane. While Sam and Dean Winchester hunt monsters Scott is a werewolf and has his pack of various monsters including a Kitsune a banshee and a Stiles. While the Winchesters could easily kill this shows creatures from Nogitsunes to Berserkers the same might not be as easily said for Scott and his pack.

Could Beat
British Men Of Letters

While there are several creatures Teen Wolf does not introduce that Supernatural does they both face human villains. One of the biggest human threats the Winchesters fight come from across the ocean in the form of the British Chapter in their late grandfathers study club the Men of Letters.Very human and very uncaring for civilian casualties the BMoL only see monsters in black and white unlike Sam and Dean who over the years have realized how grey the world of monsters is. As the McCall Pack can defeat Gerard Argent and his herd of terrified humans while it might be tricky the Pack could find a way to beat them that would include going to London to recruit Jackson and Ethan.

Horsemen Of The Apocalypse

Of the Four Horsemen Pestilence War Famine and Death Death was the most recurring character. Played by both Julian Richings and Lisa Berry who first appeared as Billie the Reaper in season 11 Death is a beloved character and low key villain in the show.Stiles like Dean Winchester would likely cultivate a witty rapport with Death incarnate and would share in the greasy meals that Death enjoys so much. While Scott and the rest of the pack could fairly easily incapacitate the other Horsemen by taking their rings.


Without even their allies from the Argent family or other packs Scott and his friends would likely be able to take on the King of Hell and former King of the Crossroads. Mostly because Stiles and Crowley would get along so well that they would be too reluctant to kill each other.Stiles snarky and shady burns and Crowleys sarcasm and nick naming capabilities would blend perfectly together. Throughout the many seasons Mark Sheppard appeared and his character went from ally to villain to friend. It could be just as likely that it would be the same for the McCall Pack.


One of Supernaturals storylines that were cut too short was Eve the Mother of All Monsters. She is a powerful biblical creature who is mother to all supernatural creatures including werewolves and banshees. As their mother likely the Pack would not kill her but Lydia or Scott would be able to give her a rousing speech about monsters not having to do monstrous things.While mostly a hands off mom Eve only left Purgatory when Crowley was killing more of her children more importantly her first born Alpha monsters. She has a caring nature particularly when it comes to her children but goes about it the wrong way. With the Pack teaching her to be a force for good they could be unstoppable.


Despite being one of the evilest villains in Supernatural Abaddon could probably be beaten by Scott and the rest of the pack. Even though Scotts code often means he doesnt kill it doesnt mean someone else wont. As a powerful chaotic and spiteful demon hellbent on causing strife Abaddon would be on a similar level to their Nogitsune.If killing the almost Queen of Hell meant saving lives and souls then Pack members like Stiles Derek or even Peter would not hesitate to take her out. While powerful and hard to kill it is likely that the Pack would find a way to get rid of her even if that means cutting her up into pieces and burying them.

Could Not Beat
Dick Roman

While the brilliant minds of Stiles and Lydia would likely be able to work out how to kill Leviathans from Purgatory it is unlikely that the McCall Pack would be able to defeat their ruthless leader Dick Roman. He is clever cunning and extremely difficult to get rid of. As one of the evilest villains in the show Dick Roman and his Leviathans planned to cull the world of humans bar some for feeding and breeding purposes.The Pack has never dealt with something on this scale and would be unprepared. Scott is also a firm believer in second chances and is often reluctant to kill his enemies except for the Beast of Gévaudan in season 5. He would likely try to appeal to the Leviathans better nature of which he has none and Scott or his Pack would probably die trying to defeat him.

Princes Of Hell

When audiences were first invited into the world of Supernatural the very first big bad the Winchester boys faced was Yellow Eyes their nickname for Azazel the demon who killed their mother Mary Winchester. It was revealed much much later when even Mary was resurrected that he has three other siblings Ramiel Dagon and Asmodeus who are collectively known as the Princes of Hell.While the McCall Pack were able to take on the Oni demons that Kiras mother unleashes they have no experience when it comes to Supernatural creatures. They might be able to send them to Hell but once again Scotts code of no killing would likely stop the Pack from truly being able to defeat these monsters with the Colt.


The Nogitsunes possession of Stiles was one of the series best arcs. The blend of dark Kitsune and Void Stiles was the best villain of season 3 however it doesnt mean that the Pack is ready to handle possession on a biblical scale. Supernaturals archangels are terrifying and take up much of the shows storylines.While Raphael might be easier to defeat and Gabriel would likely side and goof around with the Pack Lucifer and Michael are the real challenges. Even without their true vessels of Sam and Dean the Pack would have no chance of taking on the literal Devil and Apocalypse World Michael and coming out of it alive let alone winning.


With God Level powers Amara also known as The Darkness would be impossible to beat for Scott and his pack. Not even the Winchesters defeated her they convinced her that she should repair her relationship with her family. But if it came down to killing or trapping her with the Mark of Cain again not McCalls Pack or Sam and Dean would win.Amara is completely outside their comfort zone for villains. She wields unbelievable powers and repeatedly shows off her terrifyingly awesome powers. And other than the Winchesters themselves which includes Jack she is one of the strongest characters in Supernatural. While the Pack believes they can defeat anything if they do it together it wont be enough to take on Gods sister.


Despite how powerful and impressive the teamwork of the McCalls pack is it would be nowhere near enough for them to defeat God also known as Chuck. With unbelievable power and strength the Pack wouldnt stand a chance.While the Pack could come up with ways to distract or even cage him they would realize as Sam and Dean did that there is no reasoning with God Almighty. Only with the help of Jack was Chuck defeated and left mortal. Though there are several different creatures in the Pack they dont have an Archangel Nephilim with equivalent power to God.

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