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Teen Wolf: 10 Most Underrated Duos

With the new Teen Wolf movie in development audiences can expect to see some classic duos reunite once more. However the series had some interesting pairings from enemies to pack members not often put together that showcased and stretched the character dynamics. With the promised new content on the horizon including new characters audiences can expect to see some new duos take the screen.These are either friendships that work well but arent usually mentioned relationships that had good potential but never went anywhere or simply characters who have great on screen chemistry and whose scenes are enjoyable to watch. Maybe the movie will be sure to spotlight these characters so long as their actor can appear in the film.

Stiles And Peter

Peter Hale was ultimately a very selfish self serving character but he had a lot of funny moments that left fans cackling. Even though nobody was supposed to root on him and he was kind of like Jack Sparrow no one ever knew whose side he was on he was an enjoyable character and he often had main character energy.His interactions with Stiles never got much attention but their types of humor are incredibly close and they worked well together. They got more interactions in the last season because Peter was the one that helped Stiles after he was taken by the Wild Hunt.

Stiles And Cora

Stiles has great chemistry with all the members of the Hale family because when Dereks long lost sister reappeared they had some pretty cute moments between them. They were of course meant to be a romantic couple but Adelaide Kane got cast in Reign so they replaced her with Malia who was coincidentally also a Hale.It would have been fun for the fans to see more interactions especially since Stiles and Derek also had a sort of a friendship going on and it wouldve been hilarious to see Stiles dating his sister. Some fans however didnt like her character.

Scott And Isaac

Though this duo gets more recognition than most on this list they still dont get enough. Before Isaac left they had a great bond and friendship even after Isaac started seeing Scotts ex girlfriend even though that did make things a bit awkward.But the scene thats the most memorable in everyones mind is when Isaac tells Scott that hes the hot girl rather enthusiastically resulting in a non toxic moment of male friendships.

Kira And Malia

Pushed together by being in the same pack and by dating best friends Scott and Stiles Kira and Malia struck a friendship almost from the start. Kira helped Malia adjust to life as a human after living as a coyote for a while.Kira was also one of the first people Malia genuinely cared for enough to try and rescue her when she and Scott were taken by Kate Argent. Malia in return helped Kira practice her powers which was a nice circular moment on the show.

Chris And Scott

Enemies turned into friends Scott and Chris continued to work closely together even though they had a big loss in common. Starting the show as the hunter and its prey they both overcame a huge transformation and became more flexible in certain areas.This was enough for them to be able to work together because they had a common goal protecting those who cannot protect themselves. Once Chris stopped hunting all supernatural beings and started seeing more than just black and white their friendship was sort of amazing to see.

Scott And Lydia

Because of the deep connection Lydia shares with Stiles and the long lasting friendship between Scott and Stiles these two dont get much attention. But Lydia was part of Scotts pack just as everyone else was and they shared some incredible moments.When everyone thought Lydia was the Kanima Scott defended her to Derek and when Theo was trying to break apart the McCall pack he had to remove Lydia because she was so loyal there was no way shed turn against Scott. Judging by Scotts wounds that wouldnt heal until they got Lydia back from Eichen House in one of the best Teen Wolf episodes she was one of the most important people in his pack.

Melissa And Sherrif Stilinski

The ship that never was despite how much the fans wanted it but Melissa and Sherrif Stilinski still had some amazing scenes together and were friends mainly because their sons were best friends. They both helped the pack in any way they could and their scenes together always had a hint of humor and chemistry.They also seem to know each other well and trust each other. When Stiles was possessed by the Void he mentioned Melissa first called Stilinski after she kicked her ex husband out which speaks of how highly she thinks of him.

Kira And Lydia

Even though some fans still prefer Lydia and Allison Kira was just as good of a friend if not better. They investigated together often and even took risks to protect each other like when Kira helped save Lydia from the Nogitsune and Lydia helped save Kira after Kate took her. If there was any doubt the girls were connected when Kira finds out Lydia used to pretend she was dumb her response is our Lydia? which is one of Kiras best quotes.Kira even said that Lydias friendship was one of the reasons she didnt want to leave Beacon Hills. It was a shame Kira had to leave the pack to focus on gaining control of her powers but they were a fun duo to watch work together.

Derek And Peter

Derek and Peter were families but that often didnt show in their interactions. They mostly made this list because of how absolutely funny they could be sometimes when they werent trying to kill each other.In time when Peter found out he was Malias father he became a rather reluctant ally to the pack and thats when his relationship with Derek also improved a bit.

Melissa And Stiles

Tears in the eyes of fans werent a rarity when Stiles called Melissas mom while falling asleep. It was such a poignant way to show how he saw her as the mother of his best friend someone he saw all the time when visiting Scott and someone who likely cared about him a lot.As Stiles and Scott were brothers by choice it wasnt odd how connected they were with each others families. Melissa was often seen infuriated by Stiles shenanigans and even threatened to punish Scott by no Stiles.

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