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Teen Wolf: 10 Most Memorable Quotes From Kira

When Arden Cho announced that she would not be appearing in the Teen Wolf movie a lot of fans were disappointed that they would not be seeing their favorite kitsune anymore. After joining Teen Wolf as Kira Yukimura in season 3 she brought a new perspective to Beacon Hills. Bubbly and curious Kira was ready to jump into the world of the supernatural with no notice. She became an integral part of the McCall Pack more than simply Scotts new love interest and fans were sorry to see her go.However in her short time on the series Kira had a lot of great exchanges with other characters. Some of her most memorable lines werent a result of the dialogue itself but Chos delivery of them.

Kiras Introduction Is Full Of Sarcasm
I Can Set Myself On Fire And Be Noticed.

Stiles has a lock on most sarcastic character in Teen Wolf but Kiras introduction to the series shows that she would understand his sense of humor well. When her father drops her off at school the trip is full of advice on being noticed making friends and fitting in. Kiras reply about setting herself on fire as a way to get noticed might have raised a few eyebrows but its a great moment for her.Its the first time in the show where its made clear that Kira doesnt hide who she is that she speaks without thinking and that shes not about to be someone else just to be liked.

Kiras Babbling Does Make Scott Notice Her
Hi Im Kira. You Knew That. I Knew You Knew That. I Dont Know Why I Just Told You That Again.

Kira feels a pretty instant connection to Scott McCall. She even realizes that hes paying attention to her in the hallway when a normal human being shouldnt be able to hear her from so far away. Being around Scott as a result makes her a little nervous.When Kira first starts to introduce herself to him and his friends she babbles. Its her lack of a filter as she speaks her own confusion about babbling that endears her to him immediately. The Teen Wolf audience might not have been sold on their relationship instantly but the scene certainly brought some levity into the show during a storyline when there was so much drama brewing.

Breaking The Rules Is New To Kira
That Was Awesome. I Mean Terrifying Completely Terrifying But Kind Of Awesome. Ive Never Done Anything Like That Before Have You?

When Kira helps Scott and Stiles break into the police station its a moment that would likely be a warning for a typical teenager that this group of friends might be a little dangerous. Instead for Kira its a sign that these are the people she should be hanging out with as she is both terrified and excited.Kira feels such a kinship with this supernatural group before knowing the full extent of her own family history that shes ready to not just break the rules but break the law to help them. It only briefly gives her pause as shes ready to risk everything to help right away. Its definitely a sign for the audience that Kira would bond quickly with the McCall Pack members.

Dating Is Still Awkward For Supernatural Beings
Okay I Might Have Slightly Mommed You.

Kira and Scott might end up being two of the most powerful beings in Teen Wolf but that doesnt mean they arent still teenagers navigating potentially awkward social situations. When Kira and Scott finally start hanging out one on one Kiras bubbly personality and Scotts interest in her tend to collide in slightly awkward situations.One of those involves Kira licking her thumb to wipe something from Scotts face during a party. When he makes fun of her for the action of her momming him the two roll with the awkwardness of the situation and laugh it off. For that moment they seem like typical teens instead of people who might be trying to save the town from evil every week.

Kira Is Officially Part Of The Pack
Our Lydia?

Kira for much of her early episodes is very much an outsider trying to find her place amongst the people she finds herself drawn to. Shes the new girl and it takes time for everyone to accept her and open up to her. In one instance Scott tells Kira about Lydia and Stiles relationship how Lydia used to hide how smart she was but Stiles was the only one to realize.Kiras response of our Lydia is innocent enough out of context but its a sign that shes truly a member of the pack. Lydia isnt just Scott and Stiles friend anymore but Kiras as well. Kira is privy to their secrets even the ones from before she came to town.

Kira Learns The Truth About Her Mother
I Just Found Out Youre 900 Years Old. I Dont Think Im Ever Going To Trust You Again.

Its hard for any child to discover that their parents are fallible. Its even harder for a child to find out that their parents have been lying to them about a huge secret their entire lives. Thats exactly what Kira finds out when her abilities as a thunder kitsune begin to emerge.Kira is incredibly powerful because her mother is a 900 year old kitsune. Its not exactly an easy subject to broach but its understandable that Kira suddenly starts questioning everything in her life and just what else her mother might have kept from her. Luckily for Kira the wedge doesnt remain between them for long as she needs her mothers help to understand her abilities.

Kira Connects With The Skinwalkers
The Skinwalkers Have A Message For You Theo. Your Sister Wants To See You.

When Kiras power grows in a way she cant control her mother introduces her to the Skinwalkers a group of shapeshifters who live in the desert that can help her. Despite being isolated from other supernatural packs the group isnt in the dark about whats been going on in the world they know exactly what Theo did to gain his own powers and they share that information with Kira.Thanks to her connection to the Skinwalkers its Kira who sends Theo to them before she leaves the series. Its definitely a moment in which the audience sees Theo get whats coming to him for all the evil hes done but its also an interesting scene for Kira as it might have previewed her role with the Skinwalkers if a storyline had followed her.

Kira Has Something Of A Sixth Sense
Something… Something Happened Here…

Typically the show focuses on Lydia Martin having a sense of the supernatural as opposed to any of the other characters. As Kira demonstrates though its not just banshees who can sense when something in town just isnt right.Kira in the middle of the road with one of the deputies declares that something happened but she cant quite put her finger on what happened. The deputy of course dismisses Kira with some sarcasm but its a nice nod that the McCall pack members are more aware of things going on in Beacon Hills than others would realize. They are the ones who pick up on the Argent familys motives Theos true nature the Dread Doctors and the Wild Hunt.

Kira Does Draw The Line At Crime Scene Tampering
Isnt This Like A Crime Scene Or Something?

Kira might be up for just about anything with the McCall pack but when she and Lydia first become friends she does attempt to draw a line about which rules/laws she wont break. When she accompanies Lydia to look for clues she wonders if theyre entering an active crime scene. Lydia brushes away her concerns and the crime scene tape to keep looking.Its a reminder that while Kira might be excited to learn everything she can about the supernatural and contribute to the group shes not used to breaking the rules like the rest of the group is.

Kira Puts Herself First
Its Not For My Parents. Its Not For You. Its For Me.

Despite Kira being upfront about who she is and not wanting to change to fit in she certainly does spend most of her time putting everyone else first. That changes when she realizes how dangerous her fox spirit can be.Kira makes the decision to stay with the Skinwalkers to learn better control. Its not because her mother wants her to or because she wants to protect Scott and her friends but because she wants to help herself. Kira finally makes the decision to put her own safety first.

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