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Teen Wolf: 10 Most Memorable Quotes From Allison

Despite Allison Argent losing her life in battle in Teen Wolf when it aired on MTV actor Crystal Reed is back for the Teen Wolf movie for Paramount Plus. That news has plenty of fans remembering just how much they loved her character from her romance with Scott McCall to her journey to become a protector of supernatural beings.Born into a family of hunters Allison had just as much to learn about the supernatural as Scott did when he was first bitten by a werewolf. Although her journey was very different from his Allison had a lot of wise words during her time on the show and plenty of one liners to entertain the audience as well.

Allison Doesnt Pull Her Punches With Lydia
Maybe You Should Stop Pretending To Suck Just For His Benefit.

When the Argent family first moves to Beacon Hills the first person she makes friends with is Lydia Martin. Lydia at the time is preoccupied with cultivating the perfect image and that includes not allowing anyone to see how smart she is including her boyfriend Jackson.A bowling date that Jackson and Lydia bring Allison and Scott on leads to Allison realizing that Lydia is much better at bowling than she lets on just as shes more knowledgeable about just about anything than she lets people know. Allison sees that no matter how much of an ego boost Lydia thinks shes giving Jackson Lydia might not be all that happy. Shes up front with Lydia about what she sees and it only makes Lydia and Allison closer as Allison becomes the first person Lydia can be herself around.

Allison Comes Up With A Convincing Lie
Were Part Of An Online Gaming Community That Battles Mythical Creatures.

When Allison needs a lie to keep the truth of the supernatural from Lydia she comes up with a pretty convincing one. She tells her that she Scott and Stiles are part of an online gaming community. Lydia seems to accept the lie at first but Stiles is a little surprised at her choice since its not a lie for him.Its one of the earliest times in the show that Allisons ability to lie is show. Although she might have been kept in the dark about her familys true activities she ended up training for them from an early age. Gymnastics shooting a bow and her ability to tell a story all serve her well as one of Teen Wolfs most dangerous hunters.

Allison Doesnt Like Matts Candid Photos
Police Officers Call It Stalking.

Thanks to her own training Allison knows that following someone without them being aware can be more difficult than the average person might think. Thats part of the reason shes so uncomfortable with the idea of Matt having taken numerous pictures of her without her knowledge and consent.While Matt who loves photography says hes just trying to get candids Allison argues his activities qualify as stalking. Shes not entirely wrong as Matt fixates on her and her friends while he controls the kanima.

Allison Wants To Make Her Own Path
Theres No Such Thing As Fate.

When Allison discovers the truth about her family and the truth about Scott and just how those two things are at odds it comes at the same time as her mothers death. Her feelings become very complicated as her family allows her to blame Scott for her mothers death and though she eventually learns the truth it still makes Allison take a step back from dating Scott.Scott maintains that hes okay with their breakup because he thinks the two of them being together is fate. Allison who has seen a path created for her without her knowledge by her own father wants to be able to make her own choices in her life and doesnt exactly believe in fate anymore.

Allison Learns From Kate
I Want To Feel Stronger Than That. I Want To Feel Powerful.

The audience eventually discovers that Kate Argent isnt exactly the best mentor but Allison doesnt know that when she goes to her aunt for help. Allison is tired of seeing her friends and family hurt and not being able to do anything about it.Its Kate who starts training her and introducing her to the ways of being a hunter before Allisons father steps in and takes over the training. Kate and her father Gerard are definitely more bloodthirsty in their training methods than Chris Argent is. Allison might start to feel powerful but she also eventually decides to show more mercy than they do.

Allison Knows How Dangerous Her Father Is
If My Dad Tries To Kill You Youll Be Dead.

When Allison and Isaac Lahey first start to bond its tense. Issac admires both Allison and Scott but his growing feelings for Allison put him in an awkward position. As a werewolf and a teenage boy who was abused by his own father he also spends a lot of time initially afraid of Chris Argent.When Isaac points out that Chris might try to kill him while he and Allison are working together Allison doesnt even let him finish his thought. She knows that if Chris Argent decides Isaac is a threat Isaac will be eliminated. Its that simple. She deadpans the line to give it a bit more levity but its still true.

Allison Admits How Scared She Is
Im Not Fearless… Im Terrified. Im Always Terrified.

Although Allison and Isaac do have a romantic relationship Isaacs interest in Allison stems from how capable she is. He sees her as someone who always has everything together someone who isnt afraid to handle any situation thrown at her. However later down the line the viewers learn that this is not how Allison sees herself.Allison becomes incredibly capable out of necessity and that is a fear that she feels all the time. Her desire to become powerful is because she feels helpless when she watches people get hurt. Allison wants to make a difference but that doesnt mean she ever stops being afraid.

Allison And Lydia Have Different Relationship Experiences
Remember What It Feels Like? All Those Times In School When You See Him Standing Down The Hall And You Cannot Breathe Until Youre With Him…

Allisons relationship with Scott becomes a tentpole in the show. Even when they arent dating theyre there for each other. Even as Allison is learning to become a more deadly hunter she never deals Scott a serious blow.When Allison starts to describe what its like seeing Scott at school to Lydia Lydia is nearly made speechless by Allisons confession to her because shes never experienced a relationship the way Allison has. Lydia despite her long relationship with Jackson didnt have the same love for him that Allison had for Scott and it prompts the friends to evaluate the relationships in their lives.

Allison Accepts Her Death
Thats Because It Doesnt Hurt.

Allisons time on the show comes to an end when she helps the McCall Pack battle the Oni. She ends up with a fatal blow and while everyone is upset Scott wants to do what he can to take away her pain. To his surprise and frustration he cant.Allison tells him thats because the wound doesnt hurt. Although Allison continues to give a speech about how much she loves Scott still her line about not being in pain is the one that tells the audience and Scott that the wound is really fatal. Though it wasnt a secret that Crystal Reed was leaving the show plenty of fans didnt expect Allison to be killed off when she left. Hopefully with Allison now coming back to Teen Wolf the writers will find a way to give her the happy ending she deserved.

Allison Creates The New Argent Motto
We Protect Those Who Cannot Protect Themselves.

One of the last things Allison does in her time in the series is to convince her father to be more than just a hunter of supernatural creatures. She opens his eyes to the fact that supernatural doesnt have to mean that someone is a monster or violent.Allison comes up with a new motto for the family to use even if it only ends up being her and Chris using it as she encourages him to protect supernatural creatures who arent a threat even from other hunters.

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