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Sylvester Stallone’s Darkest Kill In The Rambo Franchise

Heres Sylvester Stallones darkest kill as Rambo in the movie series. First Blood introduced audiences to the character of John Rambo which was based on the 1972 novel by David Morrell. The novel had a long road to the big screen with actors such as Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman being considered. Stallone was the first to suggest the movie adaptation tone down the darkness of the novel where Rambo had no problem killing people in the movie he only kills one character in self defense. Of course that would change with Rambos various sequels.Rambo became an icon of 80s action with Rambo First Blood Part II and Rambo III where he dispatched foes with rockets exploding arrows knives and even his bare hands. In fact Guinness World Records once labeled Rambo III the most violent movie ever made. In all the character of John Rambo has slain at least 500 people onscreen. Considering he only killed one person again by accident in First Blood that means in the remaining four entries he slays an average of 125 enemies per movie.

Most of the characters Rambo has dispatched throughout the franchise have been via machine guns or explosions though on occasion hes gotten more creative. In Rambo Last Blood he set up a series of gruesome Home Alone style traps which includes ramming a pipe through a henchmans head. In Rambo III which almost cast Marlon Brando he wraps a cord around an enemy soldiers neck and pulls a pin on one of his grenades before dropping him down a hole so not only does the soldiers neck snap on impact he then blows up too. Probably the characters darkest kill comes from 2008s Rambo which is fittingly the bleakest entry. During a rescue sequence in the second act Rambo finds a Burmese soldier attempting to assault Julie Benzs Sarah Rambo grabs the man from behind slowly digs his fingers into the mans neck and rips out his throat.

Rambo tends to dispatch foes quickly so the unflinching brutality of this Rambo 2008 kill is what makes it linger. Rambo really wants this soldier to feel pain before killing him especially for his attempted assault. Rambo generally reserves special demises for those who hurt his loved ones however. In First Blood Part II which was almost a Stallone Travolta buddy comedy he memorably used an exploding arrow on Lieutenant Tay the man who killed Rambos love interest Agent Co.Likewise in Last Blood he pins villain Hugo using arrows and cuts out his heart in revenge for the death of Rambos surrogate daughter Gabrielle. Gory as that particular scene is Rambos throat rip from the 2008 sequel is probably the darkest kill in the entire franchise.

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