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Sylvester Stallone Says Rocky Would Never Be Made Today

Sylvester Stallone says that Rocky the movie that would launch his career wouldnt be made today. Arguably the greatest film about boxing ever made the 1976 multi Oscar winner spawned five sequels and two spin off films with a third one Creed III on the way. Whats more Rocky launched Stallones career in a big way turning him into a household name over the course of the franchises lifespan.Aside from Rocky some of the biggest films in cinematic history were made during the 1970s including two of Francis Ford Coppolas Godfather epics Star Wars and Jaws to name just a few. It was during this time that Rocky found its foothold telling the story of small time Philadelphia boxer Rocky Balboa Stallone who finds himself in the unique position of taking on world heavyweight champion Apollo Creed in an exhibition bout. Though the film was very much entrenched in the world of boxing its story went far deeper and explored themes like perseverance self confidence honor and love.

Yet as beloved as Rocky is it belongs to a time that no longer exists. Todays cinema has changed the entire industry in a big way resulting in a complete change in everything from how films are consumed to how theyre distributed. At 75 Stallone understands this better than most having been in the film industry for decades. During an interview with David Rubenstein Stallone addressed filmmaking today stating that a film like Rocky and The Godfather wouldnt be made today citing the shifting cinematic landscape. Check out the full video below

Stallone isnt the first veteran filmmaker to decry the impact of new technology on film which allows audiences to view on mobile devices. This issue has been debated before with some filmmakers like Quentin Tarantino being vehemently opposed to it. However despite Stallones extensive experience in the film industry the argument could be made that phones have nothing to do with the quality of a film and if a film is engaging as Rocky was and is.Hearing Stallone say that he believes films like Rocky and The Godfather would never be made today is disheartening. For those who treasure the cinema from the 70s or even for those who care about the state of filmmaking in general its definitely a tough pill to swallow. That being said there are still films being made that will one day also be considered classics. But it seems that spirit Stallone that made Rocky possible may be in his past.

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