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Supergirl’s Melissa Benoist Wants To Guest On Superman & Lois, Says Star

Supergirl actress Melissa Benoist is still game to make a guest appearance on The CW’s Superman & Lois, says Lois Lane star Bitsie Tulloch.

According to Bitsie Tulloch, who plays Lois Lane on The CW series Superman & Lois, Supergirl star Melissa Benoist is open to making a guest appearance on the show. Before the global pandemic struck the world, The CW’s Arrowverse franchise was bigger than ever, with more than five shows running at the time. After the Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline happened in 2020, the Arrowverse got a soft reboot while bringing all of the ongoing DC TV shows on the network together in one shared universe, known as Earth-Prime.

While Superman & Lois was initially conceived as a Supergirl spinoff, it was established that both shows took place in the same world as the other Arrowverse dramas. However, once Tyler Hoechlin and Tulloch’s offshoot series kicked off, Superman & Lois season 1 didn’t refer to any of the other Justice League heroes. Most importantly, it ignored Kara Zor-El herself. Supergirl, being one of Clark Kent’s last remaining blood relatives, never made any appearances, and the lack of mentions made fans question what was going on. It wasn’t until the season 2 finale that the writers dropped a plot twist by confirming that despite taking place in the Arrowverse franchise, Superman & Lois isn’t set on Earth-Prime, but rather an undesignated Earth in its Multiverse.

As Superman & Lois continues with a new continuity, it still begs the question about Supergirl and whether Benoist, who starred as the heroine for 6 seasons, will ever appear on the show. At this year’s Fan Expo Canada (via Brief Take), Hoechlin and Tulloch were asked by a fan about Benoist’s Supergirl and if there are any plans to have Kara appear in Superman & Lois. While Hoechlin praised his TV cousin, Tulloch revealed something interesting about Benoist:

Following the Superman & Lois season 2 finale, showrunner Todd Helbing confirmed in numerous interviews that if Kara were to show up one day, it would be a new take on the Girl of Steel with a different backstory. However, Helbing never specified if that meant another actress would be cast or if they left the door open for Benoist to show up as that world’s Supergirl. While David Ramsey’s John Diggle appeared in the Superman & Lois season 2 finale, the showrunner clarified that this take on the Arrow veteran doesn’t have the exact same history as the Earth-Prime counterpart. So far, there has been no official indication that Superman & Lois season 3 will feature Supergirl in any capacity, as production won’t start until next week.

If the Superman & Lois team hopes to have Benoist appear as Kara, it would have to be in the foreseeable future as the Supergirl star is set to headline her own HBO Max series, The Girls on the Bus. It’s also worth taking The CW’s new owner into account as the Arrowverse brand could very well be finished within the next 2-3 years. The Flash season 9 will be the show’s last, and given the network’s shake-up after Nexstar bought 75% ownership, there is no indication if Superman & Lois, Stargirl, and the upcoming Gotham Knights series will even get renewed for the 2023-2024 TV season. Hopefully, Superman & Lois is on the air long enough to make it possible for Benoist to guest as Supergirl at least once, even if it’s as a new iteration of her Arrowverse character.

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