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Supergirl Shows How To Be A True Hero in New DC Fanart

Supergirl is one of the most powerful heroes in all of DC Comics, and in a new piece of fanart, her determination and strength are on full display!

In the wide world of DC Comics, Superman’s long-lost cousin, Supergirl, is one of the most powerful beings on the planet, if not the universe. And now, in a new piece of fanart, Supergirl proves she will stop at nothing to save those she has sworn to protect by showing what it takes to be one of the greatest heroes to ever do it!

Recently posted on Twitter by @SkyePatridge, Skylar Patridge is a comic artist and creator that has worked on a handful of properties from industry juggernauts like Marvel, Dark Horse, DC Comics, and more, always killing it with her signature art style that she describes as “moody” and “emotionally-charged.” Consistently sharing images from her various professional projects on top of some original art pieces that also include fanart, Skylar is a creative talent worth keeping tabs on, especially after laying eyes on this epic Supergirl illustration!

One of the few other Kryptonians to survive Krypton’s complete and total destruction, Kara Zor-El, has long been a staple of the Superman family stretching back to the late 1950s. Having her history altered on more than one occasion thanks to any number of Crisis-level events over the years, one thing that has always stayed constant with Supergirl’s characterization is her determination and dedication to being the best hero she can be, her brief brush with the rageful Red Lanterns notwithstanding.

Immediately making a case as to why Skylar is a perfect fit for drawing Supergirl in the future, her fanart image titled “Weight of the World” shows Kara in her element as she uses her immense strength to hold up a building that’s crumbling down around her. Playing with the verticality and sense of scale that Supergirl’s tall task demands, Skylar draws Kara straining to balance the crushing weight of the building on her back as she undoubtedly waits for any remaining innocent civilians to vacate the area safely. Crouched low with her face obscured by her blonde hair, Supergirl’s costume is drawn like it’s been ripped to shreds, possibly hinting at a larger battle that Kara’s is just now in the aftermath of cleaning up, or at the very least, depicting her tattered and torn uniform at the tail end of a particularly hard day of superheroing across the globe.

Hammering home Supergirl’s desperate plight as the building above her cracks and breaks apart, Skylar captures the heroic spirit of Kara perfectly, showing that she will never give up trying to help people while she’s still standing, and solidifying what it means to be a true hero in a situation that not many would come out the other end of. Supergirl has accomplished much in her tenure at DC Comics, with this piece of fanart adding yet another feat to her ever-growing list of super-achievements!


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