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Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League ⁠— 8 Arkham Villains Redditors Would Love To See

With Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League being the next chapter in the Arkhamverse there are many villains who could potentially return to the franchise. On Reddit fans were asked which characters they personally would like to see return as either a playable character or threat for Task Force X to face.The post resulted in a wide variety of answers from longtime recurring villains of the series to those who made brief cameos. Fans even yearned for villains who only appeared via character files.


When it comes to Prometheus he technically did exist in the Arkhamverse but never got a chance to be properly showcased. He had Easter eggs and character bios about him he was even planned to be a DLC villain for the games but became one of the most famous pieces of cut content from Batman Arkham Knight.As a result users such as MandoPlat want to see him get a chance to shine stating … they could probably introduce Prometheus after his supposedly scrapped appearance in Arkham Knight. The Arkhamverse version of Prometheus is meant to be a dark mirror of Batman and in a world where Batman is gone he could easily step in and be a problem for the Squad to face.


A suggestion from Reddit user WendlinTheRed is Firefly as the wildcard Can fly has flamethrower with little regard for what hes aiming at kinda kooky all around fun option. Fireflys antics could lead to many fire and explosive based abilities from his flamethrower to incendiary bombs to even napalm attacks.His jetpack will also make him an ideal character for traversal across Metropolis. As a bonus Fireflys obsession with burning things opens up the possibility for humorous one liners as he fights Brainiacs forces.


For many fans Bane was at his best in Batman Arkham Origins as the smaller intelligent and deadly version of himself. User chaiteawithboba suggests Bane but only if he could be similar to the origins version.Other users replied suggesting that since Bane has kicked Venom he could be restored back to his old self and that Amanda Waller could easily use leverage to get him into Metropolis. Bane on his own could make for a powerful brawler with martial arts and perhaps a Venom special move to help in certain combat situations.

Poison Ivy

Didnt Poison Ivy die in Arkham Knight? Yes but there is an easily missed detail in the Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League trailer that suggests her return. Several Reddit users have clamored for her to come back especially after a hint of her resurrection in Arkham Knight.Once again WendlinTheRed comments Plant gameplay lends itself to inherently interesting combat and traversal options. Could potentially function as a support class character offering immunities and buffs. These are all valid points plus with Harley being a main character in Kill The Justice League it could allow her and Ivys relationship as friends or lovers to be given more depth.

Red Hood

Though fans did get a chance to play as Red Hood it made for one of the worst DLCs in the Arkham franchise. However multiple users including WendlinTheRed want to see Jason Todd return saying Trained by Batman tactical and intelligent while filling the rooty tooty pointy shooty gameplay needs.Arkham Knight was so based around the Batman style of combat and stealth that Red Hood did not translate well. But since the gameplay for Kill the Justice League is centered heavily around melee and shooting Red Hood would likely be a better fit as a Suicide Squad character.

Killer Croc

ChronosGrundy03 says Killer Croc since he is in every Arkham game. This is a good point as Killer Croc is one of the few villains who have made an appearance in all four Batman Arkham games and theres not really any reason to break that tradition.More recent comics and even the first Suicide Squad movie have put Killer Croc on the Task Force X lineup. With the Arkhamverse Killer Croc being mutated into even more of a reptilian by Arkham Knight there are a lot of diretions to take his melee combat and weapon of choice. However there is also the issue that there is already an animalistic character in the form of King Shark.


Where some villains overstayed their welcome other Batman Arkham villains were criminally underutilized. Clayface was given one boss encounter and then was disposed of in Arkham City. But the characters shapeshifting could allow him to create all kinds of melee attacks and even his boss fight showcases his ability to create ranged attacks.WendlinTheRed backs this up by saying Lots of potential for unique melee gameplay combos based on his shapeshifting ability. Also interesting stealth options. Plus hes big and scary. They state how Clayface could lead to stellar gameplay but they also mention one flaw how would Amanda Waller get a bomb to work with a clay blob?


Deathstroke was suggested by WhiplashDynamo who says Deathstroke. The Arkham interpretation is so well done and it would be a waste not to bring him back somehow. Not to mention how much fun it would be to play as him. Almost the same combat system as Batman but with guns and swords.Deathstroke has been part of Task Force X in the comics he matches the mix of melee and gun combat and he has become an iconic villain for the Arkhamverse. Many fans agreed with the Redditor seeing how the comment received over 200 upvotes.


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