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Suicide Squad Gives Captain Boomerang the Death James Gunn Should Have

For many audiences who sat down to watch James Gunns The Suicide Squad Captain Boomerangs death was surprising to say the least. The same can be said for most of the Suicide Squad members who get decimated during the opening 10 minutes but Captain Boomerangs death in particular stands out better than most. While other heroes like TDK and Mongal either die in humiliating fashion or blindly run into their own deaths Captain Boomerangs is different.Everyones favorite Boomer is clipped by shards of tree bark just moments before being demolished by an incoming helicopter that crashes straight into him. Its just as gruesome and sudden as the rest but what makes this different is that Captain Boomerang smiles as he accepts his fate. In the context of how hes portrayed in the DCEU at least its a strangely fitting death for a character like Captain Boomerang as well as an early example of the movies key strength in deriving humor from blunt violence.

However the comics version of the character recently received a death that seems just as fitting if not more so. In DC vs. Vampires #6 by Matthew Rosenberg Daniele Di Nicuolo Simone Di Meo and Otto Schmidt the Suicide Squad find themselves attacked by vampires and some even infected themselves. For emergencys sake Harley Quinn relays to Amanda Waller that her and Deadshot need help. So Waller denotates the bombs she implanted in their heads and the vamps are wiped out. Except Harley Quinn forgets to mention that Captain Boomerang is also among one of the few non vamps still alive so his head goes boom too.This may be far more fitting than the death that James Gunn gave his version of Captain Boomerang simply because it lacks the same nobility. Fans of the movie interpretation may have admired how gently Boomer passes but the comics equivalent never deserved such a noble death. For lack of a better word Boomer is a scumbag in the comics even if he is a likable one. From killing Tim Drakes father in Brad Meltzer Rags Morales and Michael Bairs Identity Crisis to cannibalizing his own son during the Blackest Night event the list of atrocities committed by Captain Boomerang are piled high.

DC vs. Vampires death fits Captain Boomerang to a tee. Theres no halfway measures nor poetry to his death but its a funny comeuppance to a bad man. Not to mention its a fun way to take up a notch the joke from Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League where Harley Quinn similarly convinces Amanda Waller to make the wrong call following some misinformation over the intercom getting The Penguin continually electrocuted as King Shark urges to go further with a head explosion. Captain Boomerang isnt the most despicable member of the Suicide Squad but hes despicable enough to deserve exactly what he gets in DC vs. Vampires.

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