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Stranger Things Season 4’s Russia Tease Hints At Justice For Alexei’s Death

Following Alexeis tragic death Stranger Things season 4 images tease that Murray and Joyce will finally get justice for his demise while in Russia. While the storylines for Murray and Joyce were initially kept under wraps images for Stranger Things season 4 reveal that the two will be teaming up to rescue Hopper from his Russian prison. While helping Hopper will clearly be their number one priority their new location hints at addressing the death of their Stranger Things season 3 Russian scientist friend.Although Alexei was initially slated as an antagonist to Joyce and Hopper as they investigated the Russian scientists in Hawkins they soon bonded with the Slurpee loving character after holding him in captivity. While Hopper kept an air of doubt around Alexei Joyce and especially Murray became particularly attached to the naive Russian. Not only did he grow into Murrays closest ally but Alexei also became Stranger Things season 3s fan favorite new character which made his tragic death all the more upsetting.

In the penultimate episode of Stranger Things season 3 Murray went to buy the duo some corndogs at the 4th of July Fun Fair only to see the Russian Terminator spoof hitman Grigori shoot Alexei point blank. While Stranger Things had only just introduced the innocent fun aspect of Alexeis character his death became the seasons saddest loss alongside Billy. As Alexeis smile full of child like joy fades Stranger Things makes it clear that Murray has just devastatingly lost the person who very well would have become his best friend. With such a monumental loss for Murray his Stranger Things season 4 set up in Russia suggests that hell be traveling the world in order to get revenge for the death of his carnival loving friend.

Stranger Things almost always introduces a heartbreaking tribute to its deceased characters in the following season with the exception of season 1s Barb who many feel still hasnt received proper justice. Since Alexei is still held in such high regard by Stranger Things characters and fans at home it seems inevitable that season 4 will feature an emotional tribute to him on behalf of Murray. While its unlikely that Alexei will return for a flashback Murray going to Russia hints at visiting his grave or family to achieve a proper sendoff for the Cherry Slurpee loving Russian ally. Alexei is the only Stranger Things character that Murray has become extremely attached to so it would be a missed opportunity to not pay special tribute while in his home country.

While Murray Bauman never needed any convincing to help stop the Russians plans their murder of Alexei will be an important motivation in getting revenge on the military and government while at the Russian prison. By increasing the animosity between Hawkins characters and the Russians Stranger Things season 4 is setting up the perfect moment for Murray to battle one of the officials for Alexei. With Stranger Things season 4 also repeating the Joyce Hopper and Murray grouping from season 3 the series will clearly have to address the absence of their fourth partner and theres no better way to do so while theyre all fighting their way through Alexeis native country. Stranger Things season 4s Russia tease is primarily geared at Joyce saving Hopper but Murrays presence means Alexei wont be forgotten on their journey.


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