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Steve Harvey addresses Will Smith’s slap on Chris Rock: ‘It was a punk move’

At this point pretty much every comic in the world disapproved of what Will Smith did at the Oscars against Chris Rock over a joke. The overwhelming majority agree that this was a direct attack not only on Chris but free speech and comedy alike. There still hasnt been a comedian who has sided with Will Smith on this one and we are even starting to get the repercussions of his actions. Last week comedian Dave Chappelle also suffered an attack on stage for telling jokes in front of an audience. Sadly this could likely become a trend that will only keep increasing over time. Smiths actions gave others the gree light to act against anybody who tells a joke about them while completely ignoring the law. Free speech is a ver important concept in the United States of America. Acting violently against it has to be one of the most punishable offenses in this country.

Another comedian came out to talk about the slap during a public event at Georgia State University. Legendary comedian Steve Harvey has been part of the standup comedy world for decades and hes probably had his fair share of hecklers over the years. However he ws wildly surprised by the way in which Will Smith acted out of instinct.

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