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Stephen Amell Becomes Green Arrow Again for Epic Viral TikTok Duet

Dressed in a green hoodie and wielding an imaginary bow and arrow Amell pretends to shoot TikToker Katey Bridges while quoting one of Oliver Queens most famous lines from the CW series. Amells Arrow inspired duet is one of several to crop up on the social media platform since a clip of Bridges suffering an on camera mishap began trending.

Amell last appeared as Oliver Queen Green Arrow in the Arrow Season 8 finale Fadeout which also served as the final episode of the popular DC adaptation. The Canadian actor reflected on his place within the characters wider legacy highlighting an overlooked Easter egg in the Arrow pilot to exemplify Oliver Queens history. In the pilot episode when I threaten Adam Hunt and I tell him to transfer something to Starling City Bank…it was bank account 1141 Amell said. That is November 1941 in honor of [the first comic book appearance of] Green Arrow… [I played Oliver Queen for] 10 years thats 1 to 8 of the time that this character has been around.Despite the many years Amell spent under the hood the actor is still open to returning as the iconic archer in future projects. I do look back very very very fondly on it… Amell said. Listen Im the namesake. So if I can ever be of any help if I can be of service to the Arrowverse in any way shape or form or better still take it to a new place which I think would be the more interesting route to go be that in a limited capacity or on a different platform maybe one where we could show blood thatd be really cool.

While the Arrowverse continued on after Amell gave up the bow reports suggest that the TV universe may be in trouble. Rumors surfaced in January 2022 that Gustin was looking to exit The Flash which could put the shows future in question. While Gustin signed on for a ninth season as The Fastest Man Alive he allegedly turned down a multi season deal. Some fans have interpreted this as a hint that the actor intends to hang up his spandex after this next batch of episodes. Its worth noting that neither Gustin nor the CW has publicly commented on their plans for The Flash beyond Season 9.More recently reports emerged that two Arrowverse shows were facing cancelation. Insiders allege that the CW is aiming to dramatically reduce its current slate of DC shows with Legends of Tomorrow and Batwoman both in danger of being axed. If both shows are scrapped it would leave The Flash and Superman and Lois as the sole remaining Arrowverse series and could signal the imminent end of the overall franchise.

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