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‘Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures’ Premiering on Disney+ and Disney Junior in 2023

Star Wars Celebration has had something for just about every Star Wars fan out there from new games and projects in the franchise and a few announcements outside the realm of Jedi and Sith. Now Fridays event unveiled a brand new animated series specifically tailored to the Younglings titled Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures. Set to debut in 2023 on Disney+ and Disney Jr. the series is a franchise first bringing new stories dedicated entirely to preschool and early grade school kids.

With The Acolyte taking viewers through the High Republic era Young Jedi Adventures will bring the kids back to the early ages of the Star Wars lore as well. The animated series centered on a group of Younglings as they learn the ways of the Jedi in order to become Jedi Knights. A description from the Star Wars Twitter reads that theyll learn not just how to control the force but how to stay on the light side of it through compassion self-discipline teamwork patience and friendship values just as important for us as they are for the Jedi. To train and ingrain those core values the group will go on adventures throughout the Outer Rim saving people along the way and molding themselves into exemplary Jedi.

Lucasfilms Senior Vice President of Franchise Content and Strategy James Waugh described the show as a perfect entrance to the series for those not quite old enough for the films and television series. The High Republic seemed like a natural fit for such a show given that the Empire hadnt taken hold and the Jedi enjoyed an era of relative peace. Its a time of aspirational adventure with the Jedi at their height and we couldnt think of a better era to tell a whole new Star Wars show for young kids aspiring to take their kind of first steps on their path to becoming a Jedi Waugh said on stage.

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