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Star Wars What If The Separatists Had Won The Clone Wars?

The Clone Wars was a manufactured conflict with both sides controlled by Palpatine but how would the Star Wars saga change if the Separatists won?

The galaxyspanning Clone Wars were a vital part of the Star Wars prequel trilogy but the saga would have been quite different if the Separatists had won. Ultimately the Clone Wars were a phony conflict whose warring factions were both controlled by Palpatine Ian McDiarmid so no matter who won the war hed still control the galaxy. Palpatine was a brilliant and malicious Machiavellian tactician who masterminded the fall of both the Republic and the Jedi Order but his control over both sides of the Clone Wars shows that he had backup plans. A Separatist victory would still throw the galaxy into Sith oppression but itd be quite different from the reign of the Empire shown in the original Star Wars trilogy.

As shown in the Star Wars prequel trilogy Palpatine in the guise of Darth Sidious used his apprentice Count Dooku Christopher Lee to form an existential threat to the Republic necessitating that emergency powers be given to Palpatines public identity as the Supreme Chancellor. The war turned the Jedi into generals thus compromising their role as peacekeepers and spread them across the galaxy where their main companions were the formidable Clone Troopers who were coded to become their assassins when Order 66 was issued. In this way the Clone Wars were the perfect Jedi trap and the perfect means for Palpatine to accumulate power.

The Separatists were winning the Clone Wars at the beginning of Star Wars Episode III – Revenge of the Sith though the war had been a stalemate for the most part. Palpatine needed the war to drag on as a way to turn the Republic into a military dictatorship and he allowed the Separatists to gradually gain an edge towards the end of the war to increase the Republics desperation. The Republics Jedi and Clone Troopers are far more formidable than the Separatists droids but the latter simply overwhelmed the Republic through sheer numbers and occasional elite units which Palpatine carefully monitored to prolong the conflict. Heres what would have happened if the separatists had won the Clone Wars in the Star Wars universe.

Palpatine Still Controls The Galaxy

No matter who won the Clone Wars the true winner would always be Palpatine. The fall of the Jedi Order and the galaxys subjugation by the Sith was nearly guaranteed by the time the Clone Wars began ensuring the Siths revenge for their seeming destruction a millennium ago. While the Separatists were not a blatantly authoritarian regime they functioned as a corporate oligarchy in secret with the Separatist Council a cabal of unscrupulous business tycoons being the power behind the Separatist Parliament in canon and openly ruling in Legends. Despite this the council was still controlled by the Sith making Palpatine the ultimate power behind the Separatists.

Anakin Skywalker Would Die As A Jedi

Palpatine wished to replace Count Dooku with Anakin Skywalker Hayden Christensen seeing the younger Force sensitives greater potential. Yet since Anakin was a member of the Jedi Order and Republic having fought against the Separatists throughout the Clone Wars his death in place of his turn to the dark side could just as easily be the inciting incident that leads Palpatine to have the Separatists win the war instead of the Republic. With his preferred apprentice gone Palpatine would have to settle for his current one Dooku as well as have the Separatists chip away at the Republic until it is too overwhelmed to continue fighting. Anakins death while tragic would mean that hed never betray his ideals and become the Sith Lord Darth Vader.
The Jedi Are Destroyed

The destruction of the Jedi Order was one of Palpatines main goals in the Clone Wars so their fall would still occur with a Separatist victory but the circumstances would change. Order 66 is one of Palpatines most valuable tools and hed likely still give the order even if he decided that the Separatists would win the war. The Jedi Knight and their Clone Troopers comprised the majority of the Republic Military so having the Clones suddenly turn on the Jedi would create chaos and confusion within their ranks giving the Separatists the necessary advantage for a victory. Still there would likely still be Jedi who survive this version of the Jedi Purge such as Yoda Frank Oz ObiWan Kenobi Ewa

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